Heirloom albums are now included in every wedding collection!

I want an heirloom album!

Seven years. It took me SEVEN years to order a wedding album! I learned a shocking statistic that 78 percent of married couples do not have a wedding album. WHAT?? The worst part is that we were part of that statistic until our 7th anniversary!

How did I let 7 years pass without printing an album? Oh, the vocational irony! When our daughter was born, I realized that we did not have a family heirloom to pass on to her. I cringed at the thought of all our photos just sitting on a CD for the rest of our lives.

Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed! They aren’t meant to live on a CD, USB, or even an online gallery. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is not always reliable and it is constantly changing. CDs and USBs can easily get lost or corrupted. You know what doesn’t change? Being able to grab an album off the shelf, flip through the pages, and relive that moment. We have already lost count of how many times we have looked through our heirloom album. Camryn gets so excited looking at the photos of us! It was worth every penny to see her face light up every time we look through it. Our wedding day is part of our legacy and now we have a tangible product to tell our story.

My signature heirloom albums are handcrafted from only the finest materials that are made to stand the test of time. You can choose between genuine Italian leather or fine linen in over a dozen colors! Every album includes thick lay flat pages of archival quality luster paper. You can choose from three sizes: 12x12, 10x10 (most popular for couples!), and 8x8 (most popular for parents!). I will design your album to tell the story of your wedding day and bring your photos to life!  All you have to do is sit back, enjoy married life, and relive one of your favorite days anytime you want!


Heirloom Albums

P.S. The best quality wedding albums are only sold directly to registered photography businesses. If you have not ordered a wedding album, talk to your photographer! Ask if they will design one for you. If they are not interested/no longer doing photography and you have a print release, contact me and I would love to design one for you! Email me here for pricing and let me get started on preserving your wedding day!


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