May 22, 2018

The Accident

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Every couple has a unique story and I love hearing them when I meet couples for the first time.  I wanted to share our story in this 7-part series to help you get to know me and Weston a little better.  I hope you enjoy reading our story from the moment we met until now!

Part 1: A Chance Encounter

Part 2: Best Friend to Boyfriend

Part 3: The Accident

Part 4: He Put a Ring on It

Part 5: Everything Changes

Part 6: Our Wedding Day

Part 7: Cold Hands, Coffee, and Cookie Cake

It was an accident. No one could have predicted this outcome.  It was an ordinary day, but that one event changed me forever.  My family got out of the car and grabbed all our stuff. We weren’t paying attention.  We were in a rush. My hand was resting on the door frame of the car and suddenly I was screaming in pain.  My hand was caught in the door. It only took seconds for my dad to open it, but it felt like hours. It wasn’t broken, but it did bruise and swell.  The pain lasted for years before I realized something was wrong and finally got it checked out.

The moment I learned that my ring finger on my left hand had stopped growing, I wanted to get it fixed.  Surely doctors could fix bones that stopped growing, right? After multiple x-rays, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapy, I finally accepted the fact that if they operated on me I could risk immobility in my hand for the rest of my life.

I had dreamed of one day wearing a beautiful diamond ring on my left hand when I got married – just like my mom.  This unfortunate event made that impossible for me. I wore my True Love Waits ring on my right hand until the day Weston and I got married.  When we started dating, I explained why I had to wear my ring on my right hand. Weston was silent for a moment. He held me in his arms and whispered, “I’ll wear mine on my right hand too.”  My heart melted.  I couldn’t stop crying (and I tear up every time I think about that moment).  How could someone I barely knew be willing to wear his ring on the opposite hand just for me?

I already knew I would marry Weston one day, but this was confirmation for my parents.  They had secretly been praying that the man I would one day marry would be okay with me wearing my ring on the opposite hand.  God did one better and sent me a man with a compassionate heart that was willing to wear his ring on the same hand as me. I’m sharing our proposal story next week – Part 4: He Put a Ring on It!

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P.S. This is the swing where we first held hands! Read about it here: Part 2: Best Friend to Boyfriend

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