July 17, 2018

The Chapel at the Waters Wedding

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Movies always depict strained relationships between the “evil step mother” and the “red-headed step child.”  This is the exact opposite of what I witnessed at the Northcutt wedding.  After reciting her vows to J.P., Lakyn also recited vows to J.P.’s children. 

“…I promise to remind you every single day how truly loved you are. I promise to teach, guide, and respect you the rest of our days. I vow to never treat you as anything less than my child, for you truly are my [child] from this day forward.” 

She recited these vows to both her new daughter and new son.  I was fighting back tears as Lakyn performed this act of love not only to her new children, but also to her new husband.  They are an extension of J.P. and I think it was one of the sweetest ways she could have shown him that she loves him.

Lakyn and J.P., thank you for hiring Aly Hughes Photography to photograph your wedding!  Thank you for demonstrating true love to all of your guests.  And thank you for trusting me and Hunter to film your wedding for Aly since she was 38 weeks pregnant at the time of your wedding.  I wish the four of you a lifetime of happiness!

Check out the highlight video Aly Hughes Photography put together!

The Creative Team:

Videography | Aly Hughes Photography

Ceremony Venue | The Chapel at the Waters

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