June 6, 2019

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Anniversary Session

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About two years ago, Debby stopped by our house in Selma on her way to photograph a wedding in Greensboro.  She was smiling ear to ear when she told us that she had a date the next week.  She didn’t share his name because she said I knew him and she didn’t want to jinx it.  A few weeks later, Debby posted a photo with one of my high school friends, Richard!  I could not have been more excited for both of them!

Two of my worlds collided when they got married last year.  I went to high school with Richard and college with Debby, so their wedding was like a mini reunion for me.  It was so much fun catching up with friends and celebrating Debby and Richard’s marriage!  (Check out their wedding blog by Elizabeth Gelineau here).

They have now been married for a year and they wanted to take anniversary photos to celebrate!  The first year of marriage is a huge adjustment for a variety of reasons.  You suddenly have to coordinate schedules and share space with another person.  I always love hearing about funny moments that happened during that first year, so I asked Debby and Richard to share some of their favorite funny moments.  They love to cook together – Richard is the pro and Debby is still learning.  They shared about the first time Debby cut an onion… with a steak knife!  They also told me about the time they decided to groom their dog together.  It didn’t exactly go as planned and everyone felt super awkward – especially Elliot, their cavalier King Charles spaniel.  Just a few of the funny memories they will cherish for years to come!

Debby and I arrived at Birmingham Botanical Gardens before Richard and we took some headshots for her to use for her business.  Once Richard arrived, we went straight to the rose garden for portraits of the two of them.  Even though Richard isn’t the biggest fan of taking pictures, he knew exactly what to do!  I think he secretly loves taking pictures with Debby 😉  After some adorable nuzzle photos, we moved on to the Ireland Iris Garden for a champagne toast.  How sweet is it that they brought champagne to their anniversary session??

Debby and Richard, thank you so much for asking me to take your anniversary photos!  It meant a lot to me to spend time with both of you again.  I loved hearing about your first year of marriage and seeing how you look at each other with so much love in your eyes.  Cheers to one year!

  1. One of my favorite couples and some of my sweetest friends!!! Love these beautiful anniversary photos of them!

  2. Douglas N. Shelton says:

    Precious photos! Glad to view this moment in their lives.

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