July 9, 2019

The System That Saved My Business

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Photo by Abigail Wellinghurst Photography

When I first started my business, I was clueless when it came to collecting money and getting signed contracts.  I learned very quickly that asking for payment on the day of the session or wedding was awkward.  Not only that, I also risked giving away my time and talent and not getting paid at all.

For years afterward, I asked clients to mail in their contract with their deposit check to book with me.  I created an invoice and receipt system in Microsoft Word.  It was outdated and time-consuming… and I loathed doing it.  I was desperate for a system that would help me keep track of everything, but didn’t break the bank.  Then I learned about Honeybook.  Talk about a game-changer!  This client management system saved my business and I want to give you 50% off your first year!  It is worth every penny and then some because it gave me my time back.  It allowed me to focus more on what I loved – taking pictures and connecting with people.

Here are some of my favorite things about Honeybook:

Streamlined Process

Honeybook allows you to create templates for weddings and sessions, which saves so much time.  All I have to do is set up a template that includes the services to be provided, a contract, and payment schedule.  When I add a new client, I select the appropriate template, then click send.  The client can sign the contract and make payments electronically.

In the past, I would open my email, attach the contract, and type out an email that outlined the payment schedule.  Then the client would have to mail the contract back to me, I would sign it, then scan a copy back to them.  Honeybook does most of this work for me and at lightning speed!

Keeps Me Organized

It was always a nightmare trying to find all the emails related to a specific wedding or session before Honeybook.  I get multiple emails a day and it would take forever to find a specific email, even using the email search tool.  When you create a new project in Honeybook, all your correspondence with that project is saved in one place.  I can send wedding timelines and questionnaires within the project, which keeps every detail organized in one convenient location.  Now I can easily find details from each wedding or session within seconds!

Honeybook also has a pipeline that shows you all your upcoming projects and their status.  You can quickly see which projects need your attention and respond accordingly.

Faster Payments

I mentioned earlier that I previously emailed contracts to clients and they had to mail it back to me.  This meant that it would be at least a week before I received a deposit check for them to book.  That’s if they printed the contract and got it in the mail within a couple of days of receiving my email, which was rarely the case.

With Honeybook, clients are able to make a secure payment right away to book their date.  Honeybook automatically deposits the payment into my bank account within two business days.  This is so much faster than me taking checks to the bank multiple times a week!  More accurately, it got to where I didn’t even have time to take them to the bank and Weston would have to take them for me.  Now there are no more trips to the bank for either of us thanks to Honeybook!

Convenient for my Clients

The feature I get the most feedback on from clients is how it is so convenient for them!  They can sign the contract and make secure payments online in the comfort of their home and at any time of day.  Honeybook also sends automatic payment reminders, which is so helpful for busy brides that receive countless wedding emails a day.

The best part is that Honeybook is not just for photographers!  Any creative business can use Honeybook.  If you have a creative business, you need to try Honeybook!  Click here to start your free trial and receive 50% off your first year!

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