July 23, 2019

Pine Apple Engagement Session

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“Can we do an octopus kiss photo?”

This was a first for me.  I had never heard of an octopus kiss until Mary Elizabeth and Doug’s engagement session.  When they requested this photo, I was intrigued and asked them to show me what that meant.  An octopus kiss is when you kiss and make a suction cup with your lips.  It was hilarious and it was completely them.  The three of us had literally just met moments before and they were already comfortable enough to share an octopus kiss in front of me.

Mary Elizabeth and Doug have only been together for two years, but they act like they have been together for a lifetime.  The way they talk to each other shows a high level of respect and love.  The way they laugh together shows that they are completely content with each other.  It can take decades for some couples to reach these levels of intimacy, but Mary Elizabeth and Doug have already reached them.

They wanted to take their engagement photos at a special location and no location is more special to them than Doug’s family’s hunting land in Pine Apple, Alabama.  Among many childhood memories on this property, Doug proposed to Mary Elizabeth in the corn field.  They will get married at the hunting cabin in November.  Their wedding rings are being made out of wood from one of the longest-standing white oak trees on the land.  They chose to make their rings from this tree because of its strength and endurance even during the toughest storms.  How sweet is that??

Mary Elizabeth and Doug, thank you so much for an incredibly fun engagement session!  I am thrilled that I got to capture these moments for you.  Thank you for sharing your stories with me and for openly sharing your fun personalities.  I cannot wait to do all of this again in November!

The beginning of the octopus kiss!

  1. Vickie says:

    Such a cute couple! I wish you guys the best on your journey together.

  2. Uncle Charles & Kathy says:

    Y’all seem to be so happy! We are looking forward to Chapter 2, your wedding!!!

  3. Imogene says:

    I wish y’all the best on new journey together.

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