August 18, 2020

Why You Need an Heirloom Wedding Album

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Seven years.  It took me SEVEN years to order a wedding album!  I learned a shocking statistic recently that 78 percent of married couples do not have a wedding album.  WHAT??  The worst part is that we were part of that statistic until this year!  If you’re on the fence about purchasing a wedding album, here are 6 reasons you need an heirloom wedding album:

1. An Heirloom Album Brings Your Wedding Day to Life

There’s just something about seeing your wedding photos in print!  Holding a photo in your hand brings memories flooding back.  It’s as if your mind is transported back to that moment allowing you to relive it every time you see it.

I remember pulling out my parents’ wedding album multiple times throughout my childhood.  It was so fun to see how much my parents had changed.  They often told stories from their wedding day as I flipped through the pages.  Even though I wasn’t present, the photos made me feel like I was there.

2. The Power of Touch

Having something tangible to hold and flip through is a lot different than scrolling through photos on your phone or computer.  A physical album is so much better than viewing your photos in an online gallery or letting them sit on a USB in a drawer somewhere.  Let your sense of touch be part of your wedding experience.

Imagine having a tough day and grabbing your wedding album off the coffee table.  You can feel the tension and stress melt away as you relive your wedding day.

3. Your Wedding is a Story

After months of dreaming and planning, your wedding day finally arrives.  From the moment you start getting ready to the moment you drive away, a story is unfolding.  One of the cool things about being a photographer is that you’re the storyteller of the day.  Every photo is like words on a page in a book.  Imagine having an entire book dedicated to telling the story of the day you promised forever to your soulmate.  You know who the best person is to create a wedding album to tell this story?  Your photographer – aka the “author” of the photographs.  I absolutely love designing albums!  I am thrilled to take that burden off my clients so they can have a perfectly crafted heirloom wedding album.

4. Technology is Always Changing

You know as well as I do that technology is not 100% reliable and it’s constantly changing.  CDs and USBs can easily become lost or corrupted.  When I got married 7 years ago, wedding photos were delivered on CDs or USBs.  My wedding photos were delivered on CDs.  My computer didn’t even have a CD drive, which meant that I had to buy an external CD drive just to view my photos.  Then I had to click on each individual photo to view them.  It was so time-consuming!  I delivered photos to my clients on USBs at the time, but the concept of clicking one photo is the same.  Since then, all my images have been delivered in online galleries.  See how much technology has changed in less than a decade?

5. You Don’t Hang All Your Favorite Photos on the Wall

What wedding photos do you usually see on people’s walls?  Photos of the bride and groom.  Maybe some family photos, wedding party, or detail shots if they have a gallery wall.  You literally pay thousands of dollars for wedding photography and hundreds of photos just to hang up 3 or 4 wedding photos??  What about those photos of your mom helping you get ready?  Or the father-daughter dance?  Or that one of you laughing with your best friends?  I see a lot of people share these favorites on Facebook and Instagram.  But what happens when these platforms no longer exist?  (remember what happened to MySpace).  What happens when your kids ask about your wedding day?  Will you have anything tangible to show them?

6. It’s Your First Family Heirloom

When Camryn was born, I realized that we didn’t have any family heirlooms.  A wedding album is supposed to be your first family heirloom and we didn’t have one to pass down to her.  I immediately started researching album companies and now my wedding is printed in one of the most stunning albums I have ever seen.  We already lost count of how many times we have looked through it.  Camryn gets so excited looking at the photos of us!  It was worth every penny to see her face light up every time we look through it.  Our wedding day is part of our legacy and now we have a tangible product to tell our story.

P.S.  The best quality wedding albums are only sold directly to registered photography businesses.  If you have not ordered a wedding album, talk to your photographer!  Ask if they will design one for you.  If they are not interested/no longer doing photography and you have a print release, contact me and I would love to design one for you!

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