October 19, 2021

Downtown Selma Senior Session

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Nothing makes you feel old like taking senior portraits for someone you met when he was 4 years old!  Wade is my brother-in-law and Weston’s youngest brother.  Weston and I started dating in 2008 and I met his family just before Wade’s fifth birthday.  At that age, Wade believed that any of his brothers’ girlfriends were also his girlfriends.  He would frequently climb onto my lap and tell me about recent stories he had written or something about Alabama football that I didn’t understand.  It’s so weird that I have to look up to him now that he is taller than both me and Weston!

Our family has taken Christmas card photos near Old Cahawba the last couple of years, so we started Wade’s senior session there.  I almost walked into a giant spider web, but thankfully I saw it right before I made that huge mistake.  My fearless mother-in-law tore the web down so none of us would run into it.  When Wade was doing some walking photos, he almost walked into another spider web that we didn’t see at first because we weren’t tall enough!  If you look closely at those photos, you can see part of the web glistening in the sunlight.

Wade is the star kicker for the Morgan Academy football team.  We made sure to get some fun shots of him in his football jersey on the field and in the bleachers.  The best part was when I was getting photos of him tossing the football.  Cameras sometimes make you feel like you have to look at them the entire time.  Watching Wade toss the football really high while looking at the camera and trying to catch the ball had us laughing so hard!

Our next stop was downtown and we ended up stopping at Mason & Co. for a few photos.  My father-in-law was so excited for Wade to go to Samford University.  Wade thought it would be a good tribute to his late father to take a few pictures with his Samford shirt at his dad’s business.  I couldn’t agree more.  We also took some photos in his Samford shirt with the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the background – a nod to where Wade came from and where he is going.

Wade, thank you for letting me take your senior portraits – not that you had much of a choice 😉  Even though pictures aren’t really your thing and you laughed when I asked you to do different poses, you did a fantastic job!  I always feel like I accomplished something big anytime a male tells me he enjoyed taking pictures.  I’ll forever remember that you gave me a 5 out of 5 on a 5-point scale!  Weston and I are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you achieve at Samford!

BONUS: Here’s a then and now photo of me and Wade!

  1. Jan Hulsey says:

    Such precious pictures! Those in front of Mason & Co made me tear up❤️

  2. Lynn Campbell says:

    Such a great session and I know it was special for you both! Like Jan, I teared up seeing those in front of Mason & Co. as well. So many emotions, it’s bittersweet. We moved away from Selma back in 2001 so I’ve never met Wade but he is such a nice looking mixture of his brothers and his mom and dad. I see them all in him! I had to laugh at you saying Debbie was ripping those spider webs down! Haha!! She’s tough! Always has been! 💕

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