April 8, 2024

Dallas County Senior Session

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When Rachel’s mom reached out to me about locations for Rachel’s senior portraits, she expressed a desire for somewhere with flowers. After showing her photos from previous senior sessions featuring azaleas and wisteria, Rachel was particularly drawn to the wisteria. We scheduled her session during peak bloom time, but nature had its own plans. As luck would have it, the wisteria bloomed unexpectedly early. I quickly messaged them to see if we could move her session up a week to try to catch the wisteria in full bloom. Despite our efforts, we arrived to see only a handful of wisteria still blooming. We made the most of it and still got plenty of gorgeous portraits!

Even though we had to battle the wind a few times, it mostly worked in our favor. Look at those beautiful shots with the wind blowing Rachel’s hair and dress! My favorite is the one at the top with both her hair and dress perfectly floating in the breeze.

In my earlier days as a photographer, I would have shied away from photographing subjects in full sun. However, I have learned to embrace it and I am in love with the results! The angelic glow from the sun backlighting Rachel made for swoon-worthy portraits. Embracing the challenge of shooting in bright sunlight allowed me to capture radiant moments, highlighting Rachel’s natural beauty amidst the sun-drenched surroundings. It’s impossible for me to choose only one favorite photo from her session!

Rachel, thank you for trusting me to take your senior portraits! I’m thankful you loved your boyfriend’s senior portraits from last year so much that you asked me to take yours as well! It was fun exploring this location with you and your mom! I hope you have the best time finishing up your senior year and moving on to the next chapter in college.

  1. Sydney Griffin says:

    Beautiful 💕💕 Absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Shelia Easley says:

    These are amazing! Rachel looks gorgeous!

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