June 12, 2018

Our Wedding Day

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Every couple has a unique story and I love hearing them when I meet couples for the first time.  I wanted to share our story in this 7-part series to help you get to know me and Weston a little better.  I hope you enjoy reading our story from the moment we met until now!

Part 1: A Chance Encounter

Part 2: Best Friend to Boyfriend

Part 3: The Accident

Part 4: He Put a Ring on It

Part 5: Everything Changes

Part 6: Our Wedding Day

Part 7: Cold Hands, Coffee, and Cookie Cake

Photo credit: MorganJoy Photography

I couldn’t sleep.  It was almost our wedding day.  We had been waiting for this day for almost five years.  Was it really happening tomorrow?  Is this real life?  Thoughts about what married life would be like, excitement about traveling to Antigua for our honeymoon, and worry about moving to a new city flooded my mind.  I tried to sleep, but the anticipation was overpowering my desire to rest.

Sometime after 3:00 am, I think I finally fell asleep.  Saturdays were usually my day to sleep in. This Saturday was different.  I popped out of bed closer to 8:00 am and was eager to get to the church and start hair and makeup.  Getting ready took a lot longer than we expected. I remember running behind, but it didn’t bother me.  I was relaxed most of the day.  You could have told me that my camera was on fire and I don’t think I would have cared.  Weston and I were getting married and that’s all that mattered.

I did three first looks on my wedding day – one with my dad, one with my bridesmaids, and one with Weston.  My mom and I were the only ones who saw my dress and even knew what it looked like before the wedding.  My parents both cried when I walked out of the room.  Their only girl was getting married. All the stress of planning a wedding had created this beautiful moment.  We hugged and cried and I felt like the princess they always told me I was.

Then it was time to show my bridesmaids.  I had teased them for months about my dress.  I gave them phony hints and tricked them into thinking I was wearing a giant ball gown or something completely opposite of my personality.  They hated it, but it was so fun!  The photographers lined them up for the big reveal, then led me outside.  Their reactions were priceless!

Now for the last first look.  This was it.  This was the moment Weston and I would get to see each other for the first time on our wedding day.  All our close family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen made their way to the balcony to watch.  My mom guided me through the sanctuary to the altar.  Weston was already there.  He was facing the opposite direction.  I could tell he was nervous.  My heart was pounding.  We finally made it to the stage.  I tapped Weston on the shoulder and he turned around.  I will never forget his reaction.  He cried when he saw me and I cried watching him.  This was so much better than waiting until the ceremony to see him.  To hold him.  To kiss him.  It was infinitely better than I had imagined and it didn’t take away from the ceremony at all.  Weston cried when he saw me walk down the aisle too!

My family is very traditional, which is why our first look almost didn’t happen.  As a photographer, I knew we would have more time for photos and we wouldn’t have to keep our guests waiting at the reception if we did a first look.  My parents were totally against us doing a first look when I mentioned it. It took a lot of research and a PowerPoint presentation to convince them that doing a first look was the best option for us.  I’m so glad they came around because our first look was my favorite moment of the day.  After the wedding, my parents told me that they were so thankful we did a first look!  Not only did they get to witness a beautiful moment between us, but we were all more relaxed, we got most of the photos finished before the ceremony, and we were able to spend more time with our guests at the reception.

I could talk forever about our wedding and the sweet little moments that created such a beautiful day, but you would probably rather watch our highlight video instead.  Five years later, I still cry during our first look!  Come back next week for the last part of this series! P.S. Part 7 is my favorite!

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