June 19, 2018

Cold Hands, Coffee, and Cookie Cake

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Every couple has a unique story and I love hearing them when I meet couples for the first time.  I wanted to share our story in this 7-part series to help you get to know me and Weston a little better.  I hope you enjoy reading our story from the moment we met until now!

Part 1: A Chance Encounter

Part 2: Best Friend to Boyfriend

Part 3: The Accident

Part 4: He Put a Ring on It

Part 5: Everything Changes

Part 6: Our Wedding Day

Part 7: Cold Hands, Coffee, and Cookie Cake

What do cold hands, coffee, and cookie cake have in common?  Ordinarily, nothing; however, these three things are a huge part of my marriage.  That may sound strange, but let me explain.

I get cold pretty easily.  I prefer bare feet to wearing socks around the house and my hands are almost always like icicles.  To top it off, we like to sleep in the cold air with tons of blankets and my feet sticking out of the covers.  Weston and I like to snuggle up next to each other – at least we do until I “accidentally” touch him with my cold hands or cold feet.  I know this is a common issue with many marriages, but somehow it feels unique to us. Maybe because of Weston’s overdramatic screams and violent convulsions when I barely touch him with my cold hands haha.  This is a daily occurrence and if I’m being honest, I intentionally let my hands freeze and then touch him so I can watch his peculiar reaction.

When we started dating in college, it was not uncommon to find us studying or doing homework while drinking coffee in what was called the Commons or in Java City, the coffee shop on campus.  As our stress levels increased, so did our coffee intake. I suppose there are worse habits. We don’t really have a lot in common, but coffee is definitely one of them. Weston completely spoils me because he wakes me up every morning with a cup of coffee with enough hazelnut creamer to change my attitude about having to be awake in the first place.  He’s only doing what he promised in his vows on our wedding day – to bring me breakfast in bed every morning. He doesn’t eat breakfast and I like to sleep until the last possible second, so coffee is our breakfast. He does a lot better with keeping his promise than I do – I vowed to always leave the toilet seat up for him haha. (Side note – Before our wedding, I told Mark, our minister, that I didn’t care what he said, but I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry during our ceremony.  We already cried when he talked about the reason we’re wearing our rings on our right hands, so Mark had to bring the jokes during our vows. It was an unforgettable ceremony!)

And lastly, the cookie cakes.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth. And by tooth, I mean teeth.  All of them. Weston normally doesn’t like sweets (or at least he didn’t before we got married), but on one of our grocery shopping trips we impulsively bought a cookie cake.  It was on sale and it said Happy Father’s Day. We don’t have any children, but I told Weston he was the best cat daddy around. About a week later, he asked me to pick up a cookie cake on my way home from work.  Before checking out, I had the brilliant idea to get it personalized (because bonus icing!). I panicked when the baker asked what I wanted on it and I timidly said, “Happy Thursday.” I bring it home and Weston laughs uncontrollably because I got it personalized and because it said Happy Thursday.  Of course I posted the incident on my personal instagram page and it became a running joke with our friends. We still pick up cookie cakes when we need something sweet and we try to switch up the words so it’s not weird. Some of the things we’ve gotten on our cookie cakes are: Happy Wednesday, Congratulations, Roll Tide, Get Well Soon, Congrats, You Did It, Super Bowl LII, Happy Birthday, and Hoppy Easter.  There was also one time that the bakery was closed, so we bought a cookie cake and icing. We went home and smeared the extra icing on the cookie cake.

This is just a snapshot of our marriage, but these are a few things that make me smile.  I hope you enjoyed this 7-part series about me and Weston!  I would love to know which part was your favorite.  Tell me in the comments! 

  1. Casi Steel says:

    I honestly can not pick a favorite part, because I loved it ALL. Such a beautiful love story!!! 💗

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