August 21, 2018

Choosing Wedding Florals on a Budget

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Depending on how much you want to use flowers in your decorations, it can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding day – but it doesn’t have to be!  I talked to Stephanie Pegues from Flower Girl Designs2 about giving future brides tips on choosing wedding florals on a budget.  Here are Stephanie’s five tips to help you with your wedding planning:

1. Set a budget, but be willing to compromise.

Some flowers are not available year-round and if they are not in season, you could end up shelling out more than you planned.  By choosing flowers that are available all year or that are currently in season, you can save big.  Being flexible will give you more options and help you stay within your budget!

2. Create an inspiration board.

Now is the time to put your pinning to good use.  Having a Pinterest board full of “pinspirations” will help give your floral designer a tone for your wedding. Is your wedding formal? Classic? Outdoors? Rustic? Your florist can look at your inspiration board and create arrangements to fit your wedding style.

3. Choose a less expensive flower.

Less expensive flowers can and will be beautiful.  Carnations have a bad reputation for weddings; however, they are the toughest, most durable flower out there at HALF the cost of roses!

4. Use your arrangements more than once.

Think about incorporating rehearsal dinner florals into your reception.  Using centerpieces from your rehearsal dinner again at your reception can save you money.  Bridesmaid bouquets can also be used as centerpieces at your reception – double savings!

5. Relax and enjoy your day!

One of the perks of hiring a vendor, such as a florist, is that they take care of everything for you.  Let your florist arrange the flowers and decorate your venue while you relax and enjoy one of the most exciting days of your life!

The flowers in all the photos above were designed by Stephanie at Flower Girl Designs2.  See more beautiful arrangements by Flower Girl Designs2 on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you have some tips to add to the list?  Share them in the comments!

  1. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for pointing out that Carnations can be half the cost of roses while being a durable choice for the flowers on your wedding day. I guess I will suggest this to my best friend since she told me that they are on a limited budget now. It appears that they have spent a lot on the venue that is why they are left with little for the smaller details of the wedding such as the flowers.

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