January 15, 2019

Montgomery County Courthouse Elopement

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Planning a wedding can be stressful.  So stressful, in fact, that many couples get to a point where they are tempted to just elope and be done with it.  I’ll admit that I, too, thought about eloping when planning my own wedding!  A big wedding was not something Tiffanie or Cody ever wanted.  They don’t like a lot of attention and preferred to have a courthouse wedding from the beginning.  Their wishes for an intimate courthouse wedding came true when they said, “I do,” at the Montgomery County Courthouse last Friday.  To ensure the ultimate surprise, Tiffanie and Cody only revealed their elopement plans to a handful of people. 

When we arrived at the courthouse, Tiffanie and Cody filled out the necessary paperwork.  Before we knew it, the magistrate judge was leading us to the quaint, oblique room where Tiffanie and Cody would vow to love each other forever.  Although the ceremony was short and sweet, it was an emotional moment for them.  After loving each other for 7 years and being engaged for a year, they were finally becoming husband and wife.  Tiffanie wiped away a few tears before placing Cody’s ring on his hand.  With a quick kiss, it was official; they were married!

We had plans to take Tiffanie and Cody’s portraits near the Capitol, but we found a courtyard nearby that was too breathtaking to pass up.  The trickling water in the fountain, the perfectly manicured patches of grass, and the stone archways that could only exist in a fairy-tale made my heart skip a beat.  Did I enjoy their courthouse wedding?  Guilty as charged! 😉

Tiffanie and Cody, thank you so much for letting me tag along to your wedding!  I had so much fun with y’all and I can’t thank you enough for letting me take a little more time on pictures than you actually wanted.  I know you don’t like taking pictures, but I truly appreciate you going along with it for that day! (Even if I did have to set a timer 😉 ).  I hope you love these photos as much as I do and I hope you love each other a little more every day!

The Creative Team:

Photography | Ashley Brooke Photography

Venue | Montgomery County Courthouse

Floral Design | Flower Girl Designs 2

Cookies | Megan Harrison

  1. Tiffanie Griffin says:

    Ashley I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me. You are definitely one in a million. I am so blessed that God chose to cross our paths when he brought me to Peak. You inspire me so much and I can not put in to words how talented you are. Thank you for being there during this amazing time for Cody and I. I can honestly say we wouldn’t have gotten here without you…or had pictures to remind us of this day.(Even if you had to set a timer.) Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Wanda Dixon says:

    Beautiful pictures, Love my granddaughter and the pictures showed how happy she was.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Looks perfect! Can’t imagine anything better!

  4. Teresa Martin says:

    Just beautiful! Congrats! Best wishes forever! Proud of you Cody!! Love ya! Teresa Martin

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