January 22, 2019

Donavan Inn Engagement Session

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Samantha and Clayton dated for two years before getting engaged.  Clayton surprised her with a proposal at their favorite restaurant while they were surrounded by family and friends.  Samantha contacted me just a couple of days later to start the booking process and I’m so thankful she did!  She has been following my blogs and I may have done a little happy dance when she messaged me that she bought the hangers I recommended in this blog post. 🙂

Their engagement session was originally scheduled for Saturday, but the weather forced us to move it to Sunday.  Rain in January means frigid temperatures the following day.  The 32-degree weather wouldn’t have been so bad, but the wind made us dream of curling up by the fireplace to escape the bitter cold.  Even though the weather wasn’t ideal, the light was PERFECT!  I love doing sessions during golden hour because the sunlight makes everything feel dreamy.

Despite the cold wind, Samantha and Clayton’s session was not short of smiles or laughter.  I even had to stop a couple of times because I was laughing so hard!  I don’t think Samantha and Clayton stopped smiling at each other the entire session.  You can easily see how much they love each other just by watching them.  The chilly air may have encouraged them to snuggle a little closer than usual to keep warm, but it seemed so natural for them to snuggle up to each other and lean in just a little closer.

My hands were basically frozen at the end, but as I always tell my husband after putting my cold hands on him, “Cold hands, warm heart!” 😉 Enjoy some of my favorites from Samantha and Clayton’s engagement session and be sure to leave them some love!  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Donavan Inn in May!

  1. Dea Powe says:

    Beautiful pictures of a precious couple! I can’t wait to work with you on their wedding!

  2. Shellae says:

    Beautiful pictures – Beautiful couple!!!! I love them all!!! Love you both, Samantha & Clayton!!

  3. Jennelle Etheridge says:

    The pictures are all beautiful just like the couple that are in these pictures. You do a wonderful job capturing those perfect moments. Love these two special people and also love your wonderful work.

  4. Debbie Barnes says:

    Beautiful!! Great Pictures, Ashley!! ❤️

  5. Bonnie Gibson Blackmon says:

    Just beautiful!!! Such a sweet couple!!

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