March 5, 2019

How to Have Your Best Year Ever

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Growing up, I loved books!  I would read entire books in one day because I just couldn’t put it down.  Somewhere in middle school, I began to hate reading because school forces you to read books that you don’t want to read.  That lasted all through high school and part of college.  I actually enjoyed some of the required reading in college.  Now, many years after grad school, I am starting to love reading again.

Weston and I started reading books together last year and it was a game changer!  We both love setting goals and reading about business and finance (I know, super nerdy, right?).  We didn’t really stick to a plan last year, but we did manage to read 6 books together.  This year, we decided to read at least one book per month and you voted on Instagram that you wanted to read my review of these books!  I will share why I chose each book, what the book is about, and what I learned from reading it.  I hope this will encourage you to start reading too!

1. Why I chose this book

I have a natural tendency toward making to-do lists and setting goals.  As odd as it sounds, to-do lists are relaxing for me and I especially love when I get to cross something off that list.  I love setting new goals each year (read about my 2019 Goals here) and doing everything I can to accomplish as many of those goals as possible.  Reading about goals, listening to other people talk about goals, and thinking about goals gets me motivated to take action.  Your Best Year Ever is all about achieving goals, so it was intriguing to me.

2. What this book is about

Your Best Year Ever is a 5-step game plan for achieving your goals.  It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by daily tasks.  It’s even easier to forget about your big goals and dreams.  Big goals are not accomplished overnight.  Goals require proper planning and taking small steps daily, weekly, or monthly.  Michael Hyatt takes you through many of the reasons you aren’t achieving your goals and what to do about it.

3. What I learned

I thought I would learn more about goal setting from reading Your Best Year Ever, but my biggest takeaways were actually about my habits.
One of the first things the book encourages you to do is take a LifeScore assessment here.  I took it and was not surprised by my results, but it was a wake up call.  The assessment measures 10 areas of your life.  I scored a 74 out of 120, which was disheartening for the A-student in me (even if it did say I am operating at the success level).  My parental score is obviously low since we are not parents yet.
After completing the assessment, I received an email with the following:

Based on your score, I can tell that…

  • You’re experiencing success in multiple areas of life.
  • You’re proficient at setting clear goals (that’s what helped you get where you are today).
  • You’re spending a majority of your time focused on getting ahead at work, but may have neglected fun and rejuvenating pastimes.

Even though we make traveling a priority each year, I do tend to neglect fun and rejuvenating pastimes on a regular basis.  I’m not quite sure how to remedy this.  Every year I tell myself that I will work less and live more.  After reading this book, I realize that I am not setting specific and measurable goals to obtain this alternate reality of “living more.”  What do you do for fun?  What are some rejuvenating pastimes that I could try?  Relaxing is clearly not something I’m good at doing haha.

Another huge takeaway for me was when Michael Hyatt talked about how he struggled with drinking enough water each day.  SAME!  I often forget to drink water throughout the day because I get so busy with everything else.  He introduced me to an app called Plant Nanny where you record your daily water intake and it virtually waters your virtual plant.  It turns drinking water into a game and makes you want to keep your plant alive!  I haven’t had a perfect streak since I started using the app, but I am definitely drinking a lot more water than before and I feel a lot better too!  Is there anyone out there that actually drinks the daily recommended amount of water?  Tell us your secrets!

You can order a copy of Michael Hyatt’s book here if you want to get a head start on your best year ever!  Just so you know, this is an Amazon affiliate link.

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