May 28, 2019

Dallas County Lake Engagement Session

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Hot and steamy.  Literally.  It was probably about 100 degrees during Caitlyn and Wil’s engagement session.  We started the session at one of their favorite spots on Wil’s family farm.  They tried to say they weren’t good at taking pictures, but I think evidence shows otherwise.  After getting some super cute shots of them in the blazing heat, we decided to go to the next location.

Caitlyn and Wil love fishing together.  It’s one of their favorite things to do.  When we got to Dallas County Lake, I saw jon boats near the water and immediately wanted to take a photo of them in one.  Scenes from The Little Mermaid and The Notebook rushed through my mind.  I had to get a photo of them kissing in the boat!  Wil graciously dragged one into the water – on the side with the best light where we had just spotted an alligator!  (Anything for the perfect shot, right?) They are both more brave than I am because there’s no way this city girl is getting in a boat anywhere near an alligator.

They looked so perfectly content together as they sat in the boat.  I probably asked them to kiss about a hundred times.  My photographer heart was so happy getting this shot of them!  The only thing missing was Sebastian singing “Kiss the Girl” as I clicked the shutter.

Caitlyn and Wil, thank you so much for going along with all the crazy things I asked y’all to do during your engagement session!  I had so much fun with both of you even though we were all melting from the heat 😉  Thank you for teaching me a few things about fishing and farm life.  I never would have known that bow fishing was a thing and that not all bulls have horns.  Both of you are so sweet together and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding in November!

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