September 25, 2019

Camryn’s Pink and Grey Flamingo Nursery

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We are so excited to finally share Camryn’s pink and grey flamingo nursery!  This is easily our favorite room in the house.  There were many days leading up to Camryn’s birth that Weston and I would just sit in here and imagine life with a baby.  Now that she is here, we love reading to her and rocking her to sleep in her nursery.

When we found out I was pregnant, it wasn’t long before I started scrolling through Pinterest for nursery inspiration.  Since we didn’t know the gender until I was 26 weeks pregnant, we didn’t buy anything for the nursery until after the gender reveal party.  The week before the party, we painted the nursery light grey.  We didn’t know the gender yet and we wanted a gender neutral color so that we wouldn’t have to paint it again in the future.  We fell in love with the light grey and ended up painting our entire house in the following months! 

Flamingo Theme

Weston and I were watching Netflix one day when we decided on themes for our nursery.  I had my heart set on elephants if we were having a boy, but I couldn’t decide on a theme for a girl.  Without hesitation, Weston said we should do flamingos!  It was completely unexpected, but I loved the idea.  Weeks later, he told me he picked flamingos because it was one of my favorite animals when we first started dating.  He actually won a flamingo stuffed animal for me in college that we still have.  I couldn’t believe he remembered!

While we claim to have a flamingo-themed nursery, we didn’t want the flamingos to be obnoxious.  There are actually only a handful of items that have flamingos.  I tried to stick to items that would fit the color scheme more so than the flamingo theme.  We knew we wanted white furniture with white frames and then decided on pink and gold accent pieces.

Nursery Details

Weston and I were incredibly blessed by family and friends throughout our pregnancy.  Many of the items in Camryn’s nursery were either gifted to us or money was given toward it.  We had a small budget in mind for decorating the nursery and we ended up coming in $250 UNDER budget thanks to them.

We were very strategic about what we used to decorate Camryn’s nursery.  Weston and I wanted new furniture and we wanted to incorporate items that were sentimental to us.  I’ll share more about the pieces we chose under the photos!

When it came to furniture, we looked for pieces that could grow with Camryn as she grows.  The crib converts from infant to toddler bed, then to a day bed and ultimately a full size bed.

We found these adorable crib sheets on Amazon and put them on our registry.  They were gifted to us and we were thrilled!

You already know that this Southern girl loves monograms, so we obviously had to have Camryn’s initials in her room.  I found a shop on Etsy that made custom unfinished wooden monograms.  When it arrived, I painted it gold.  The white frame was used as decoration for our wedding reception and I love that it’s now part of Camryn’s room.

The flamingo door hanger was also unfinished wood purchased from Etsy.  I painted it three different pinks before I finally found the perfect color.  The first pink was too light, the second was too dark, and the third was just right.

This bookshelf was actually the first piece of furniture we put in Camryn’s room.  We have had it since we got married and it sat empty in a spare bedroom for 6 years.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new bookshelf, we painted this one white and put it in the nursery.  It was perfect!

Camryn received so many books and we are slowly reading through them.  We only have about half of them on the shelf right now.  I have a feeling this bookshelf will quickly fill with books over the next couple of years.

Since flamingos are tropical, we wanted to incorporate a couple of pineapples to go with the theme.  I love gold accent pieces and I got so excited when I found these gold pineapple book ends on Amazon!

This adorable door hanger was gifted to us!

The giant map was another gift!  We loved that it was pink, white, and gold.  It also tugged on our traveler hearts.  We hope our girl loves to travel as much as we do!

I originally searched for a gold ceramic pineapple, but I found this white and pink one instead!  The colors were perfect for Camryn’s room and it helped me rein in the gold obsession.

The pink frame was a shower gift and it is such a great keepsake!  One side has Camryn’s handprint and the other side has her footprint.

The oval painting was one of my first attempts at a fluid art painting.  My plan was to use it for my 12 Days of Giveaways, but I decided to make another one with more neutral colors to give away.  I made it at the end of November last year, which was the month before we got pregnant.  I joked with Weston that maybe it meant we were going to have a girl.  We laughed it off and stored the painting in the closet.  When we found out Baby Mason was a girl, we decided to use the painting in her nursery.

We used this photo mat as the guest book at our gender reveal party.  Each of our guests signed their names in the color of their guess for Baby Mason’s gender.  We also used a photo from Camryn’s 4D Ultrasound.

After we found out we were having a girl, my first goal was to create a watercolor painting for her nursery.  Weston and I were in the airport waiting to come home after our Alaskan cruise, so I was scrolling Pinterest to kill time.  I decided that our nursery had to have a watercolor painting.  Had I ever used watercolor?  No.  But, I felt like I needed to do it for her.  A watercolor flamingo should be a piece of cake, right?  I knew the pencil sketch would look good, but I was afraid I would ruin it with the watercolor paint.  When I finally started the painting, it was much easier than I anticipated thanks to a YouTube video I watched.

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with the Eiffel Tower.  Since we added the world map to the nursery, I wanted to add this Eiffel Tower figurine.  I had ordered it on Amazon years ago and never used it.

You may have noticed that the babies in the frame above are not my baby. 😉 I will be taking monthly photos of Camryn and putting them in this frame so we can see how much she changes in a year.  I’m so excited to see the finished product!

This frame was given to us at a baby shower and made me cry in front of everyone.  My brother’s girlfriend had secretly gathered up confetti at our gender reveal party.  She then surprised us with this beautiful frame with confetti glued on the mat!

We added the grey and white glider and ottoman to our registry and received it as a gift.  It is one of the most used items in the nursery for late night feedings and soothing.

Weston and I found this white dresser on Amazon.  We were not prepared for the amount of work it took to assemble it!  It took a little over three hours to put it together.  I’m proud to say that we only messed up once, but it was an easy fix.

The flamingo diaper caddy was another shower gift and we are so thankful for it!  It is super handy during diaper changes and it has everything we need in one convenient location.

The changing pad cover was another Amazon find.  I searched for a solid pink cover, but this one had a small flamingo sewn in the top left corner.  It was totally meant for Camryn’s nursery!

Well, that’s Camryn’s nursery!  I’m a little biased, but I love everything in here!  Which item was your favorite?

  1. Christie Sawyer says:

    Beautiful! Such a wonderful read. However, you know your special to me and my girls.

  2. Lynn Campbell says:

    It’s absolutely CHARMING!!! What a happy, peaceful space for a precious little one to grow! I love the mix of personal items, handmade items, things that are special to y’all – it all pulled together beautifully! Congratulations to you and Weston! I’m so glad she’s here!

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