October 1, 2019

Studio vs. Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

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The name of this blog is a little misleading because it sounds like I’m pitting them against each other.  In reality, I loved doing both a studio newborn session and a lifestyle newborn session.  They are different, but there’s no way I could pick one over the other.  That’s why we had two newborn sessions for Camryn. Since there is often confusion on newborn photography, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the differences between the two styles and share some of our favorite photos from each session.

Studio Newborn Session

Studio newborn sessions take place in the photographer’s studio.  These photos are all posed and the photographer typically specializes in newborn photography.  The ideal timeframe for a studio session is 7-10 days after birth.  This timeframe is perfect because the baby is more flexible and sleepy, which helps the photographer put them in the super cute poses. 

When we decided that we wanted to do a studio session, I searched for weeks to find a photographer.  I wanted someone whose work was consistent and had plenty of experience with newborns.  They would be posing my baby and I needed to know she would be safe.  I also looked for someone whose editing was close to mine.  My editing style is more natural and lighter, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to hire someone with a dark and moody editing style.

Once I realized that most of the inspiration photos I had saved on my phone were from the same photographer, I sent her a message for us to meet.  Ashley Mercer Photography is in Fairhope, which meant that we would have to travel over three hours with a one week old baby.   After meeting with her back in June, Weston and I knew we wanted her to take Camryn’s photos.  Maybe it was a little crazy to drive that far for a session with a one week old, but it was totally worth it.  Some of the photos made us (okay, ME) cry and the trip allowed us to introduce Camryn to her great grandparents!

Lifestyle Newborn Session

For photographers that don’t use a studio, they may do a lifestyle newborn session.  These sessions are typically done in your home.  They tend to be less posed and have more candid photos.  Babies are much sleepier in the 7-10 days after birth, which makes the session a little easier.  However, you can still take lifestyle photos weeks after the baby is born.  We did our lifestyle session when Camryn was three weeks old.

There was no doubt that we would do a lifestyle newborn session with Aly.  Aly is our go-to photographer and a lifestyle newborn session pro!  Weston and I have taken tons of pictures with Aly, so we are very comfortable around her.  Not to mention that she has been on this baby journey with us from the beginning.  She took our pregnancy announcement photos, gender reveal video, maternity photos, hospital photos, and now our newborn photos!

And finally, our awkwardness had to make it into the session at some point 😉

Which newborn style is your favorite?  How extra are we for doing both sessions for our baby?  Haha.

  1. Candace Johnson says:

    Love the lifestyle ones the best! What a precious family!

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