April 14, 2020

Playful Downtown Senior Session

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One of the things I love about senior sessions is that it gives seniors an opportunity to memorialize the person they were before they start the next chapter in their lives.  Looking back, I’m definitely not the same person I was as a high school senior or as a college senior.  You change so much even just a year after your senior year.  You experience more freedom as you go off to college and you learn more about yourself as you make your own rules.

The word that keeps coming to mind when I think about Abbie’s senior session is playful.  She chose the perfect location to capture her playful personality – a playground.  It was completely different from other seniors and completely FUN!  Abbie quickly felt comfortable taking pictures when we started near the Edmund Pettus Bridge in downtown Selma.  I could tell she had taken plenty of photos before.  She had an effortless smile the entire session, but I saw a little extra sparkle when we were on the playground.

Crisp autumn air, an abundance of sunshine, and lots of laughter made for dreamy photos.  As the sunlight created a glow behind Abbie, I knew these would easily become some of my favorite photos.  I’m not sure who had more fun that day – me or Abbie.

Abbie, thank you so much for asking me to take your senior portraits!  I had so much fun exploring downtown Selma with you and your mom.  Your playground photos will always be some of my favorites!    I know your senior year was completely different than you imagined, but greater things are still to come.  Even though change is inevitable, I hope you never lose your playful personality!  Good luck in college and don’t be afraid be different; it usually turns out better anyway 🙂

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