April 7, 2020

Downtown Prattville Senior Session

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In 2018, I had the privilege of photographing a senior named Jessica.  Exactly a year later (almost to the day), I got to photograph her brother, Jacob.  Jessica’s session was cotton fields, creeks, and dirt roads.  Jacob wanted something completely different.  We met in downtown Prattville and had such a great time walking around and finding cool spots!

I used to work with their step-mom, Kathi, who happens to love babies.  Since she had not met Camryn yet, she asked if I could bring her to the session with me.  Weston was available to join us, so I happily obliged!  Kathi got to play with Camryn and talk to Weston while I photographed Jacob.  Camryn gave Kathi some pretty big smiles!  I’m glad it worked out for the two of them to meet 🙂

Guys are notorious for not liking to take pictures.  Jacob was quiet at first, but I made him laugh at my expense a few times.  He quickly loosened up and I think he actually had fun!  I feel very proud that I got Jacob to smile for a majority of his photos.  Even after he told me he doesn’t smile in pictures.  I got the biggest smile right after taking a photo and telling him he looked just like his dad.  Even though I’ve never seen Marshall without a beard, there was no denying that Jacob looked exactly like him at that moment.

Jacob, thank you so much for going along with all my crazy suggestions!  I know senior portraits probably weren’t your favorite thing in the world, but you did such a great job!  You are so smart and I know you will excel with everything you set out to do.  Good luck with your freshman year of college!  It will be here before you know it! 

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