April 28, 2020

Safford Senior Session

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Gracen wanted to take her senior portraits on her family’s land in Safford and I think it suited her well!  The sun gave us a beautiful glow at the beginning of the session and provided more soft light when we moved close to the water.  I promise the sun isn’t on my payroll, but maybe I should change that since it was so perfect that day 😉

A recent Morgan Academy tradition is for the girls to wear hand sewn heirloom dresses under their graduation gowns.  Since the coronavirus pandemic threatened to cancel graduations across the world, Gracen decided to wear her gorgeous gown for some of her senior portraits.  Isn’t she lovely??

To my delight, Gracen willingly stepped in the water for a few photos and I’m so glad she did!  This location, outfit, posing all ended up being my favorite!  Although, the other photos could easily compete for that title.  Gracen chose multiple flattering outfits and she was so easy to pose.  Add in her contagious smile and light-hearted personality and you’ll understand why I love so many of her portraits!

Gracen, thank you for inviting me to capture this season of your life!  I had so much fun with you and your family in Safford.  Thank you for laughing at my jokes and promising to save my camera if I fell in the water.  You’re the real MVP.  Your senior year will definitely be a memorable one even though it didn’t go quite as planned.  I hope you have the best time at Auburn!  I would say, “War Eagle,” but my husband might disown me. 😉  I’ll say, “Good luck!” instead!

***Side note: if anyone would like a mini session in your hand sewn dress, cap and gown, or photos with fellow seniors, email me here for available dates!***

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