May 5, 2020

Travel Diaries: The Time We Almost Died Getting Tacos

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Tacos aren’t dangerous.  Or so we thought.  A few years ago, we visited Weston’s cousin, Ivy, and her husband, Austin, in San Diego for a couple of days.  One night, we decided since we were so close to Mexico, we needed to try some authentic tacos.  Ivy said she knew of a place in Old Town San Diego that would be perfect.

We drove down there and it was packed.  When we finally got up to the hostess desk, she informed us that it would be a two-hour wait!  No, thank you!  We did not need to risk getting hangry waiting on tacos.

Then Ivy said she knew of another place with good tacos, but it was in a sketchier part of town. We were feeling adventurous, but mostly hungry, so we happily agreed!  

When we arrived, the four of us piled out of the car and went inside to place our order.  The inside wasn’t as sketchy as we imagined, but it was sketchy enough for us to order our food to go.  We waited for our food as some intimidating locals walked through the door.  Weston and I started feeling anxious.  We couldn’t wait for them to hand us our food so we could retreat to the safety of the car.  

At long last, our food was ready!  We walked outside and as we approached the car, a blood-curdling sound echoed through the street. “Bang! Bang!”  I thought for sure this was our last moment on Earth.  We looked around and quickly got inside our car.  To this day, we don’t know if these were gun shots, a car backfiring, or our overactive imaginations.  Either way, it was terrifying and we almost died getting tacos!  But man, if those weren’t the best tacos we’ve ever had! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Douglas Shelton says:

    😂😂😂 Glad you survived your adventure!

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