May 26, 2020

St. Joseph Catholic Church Wedding

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We have all heard the wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  Who else was today years old when they learned that the last part of the rhyme is “…and a sixpence in her shoe”?

When Carol handed me her shoes for me to photograph, I noticed a coin taped to the inside.  I assumed this was a sixpence.  Carol confirmed my suspicion when I returned her shoes.  Her mother-in-law-to-be shared that this particular sixpence belonged to her and was a gift from her aunt.  She wanted to give it to Carol for their wedding day and Carol is to pass it on.  The sixpence represents good luck and to show that the giver wishes the bride prosperity in her marriage.  What a thoughtful way to welcome a new family member!

I got to experience a couple of firsts at Carol and Derek’s wedding.  This was my first time photographing a Catholic nuptial mass.  I’ve been in a Catholic wedding and attended Catholic weddings, but somehow had never photographed one until now.  It was also my first time photographing a live-streamed wedding!  Coronavirus came in like a wrecking ball to the wedding industry this year.  The number of people allowed to gather was limited.  Carol and Derek had to change their wedding plans to only have 10 people at their intimate ceremony and celebrate with everyone in September.  In an effort to allow family and friends to watch the ceremony and pray for the newlyweds, Carol and Derek live-streamed their entire ceremony.  It was a great way to include those who could not attend!

Carol and Derek, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your intimate wedding ceremony.  It was a joy to meet you and your families and be part of such an exciting day!  I know it was stressful having to change your wedding plans, but I love that you found a way to include everyone.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and a lifetime of Derek laughing at Carol’s forehead. 😉

  1. Shawn Hudak says:

    Congratulations !! To you both. May you have happiness/ strength/ & love always.
    Welcome to the family Derek,

  2. Gina & Family says:

    It was such a pleasure to be able to participate via the livestream – we will always remember the beauty and the joy of this day 💛 All Blessings for You Both!! May you continue to make each other happy, May you continue to find with and in each other wonder and joy, and May you Always share Laughter and Love! 💛💛💛

  3. Terry Schuster says:

    Carol and derek….congratulations on ur wedding. So very happy for you both. May the good Lord place His loving touch on you both and help guide you along the path of life.
    Love…cousin terry and ur great auntie sue

  4. Cynthia Summers says:

    You both look so happy! Congratulations to the handsome groom and the beautiful bride. May God pour His abundant blessings upon your marriage!
    Love, Cynthia Summers

  5. Selena Smith-Spraggins says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and union and I pray that God continues to bless your marriage.

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