June 30, 2020

Travel Diaries: The Time We Rode Horses in Honduras

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Weston and I love adventure and experiencing new things!  We had ridden horses before, but we had never ridden them together or in the ocean.  When we cruise, we try to do one excursion at each port.  The most appealing excursion in Honduras was the beach horseback ride and swim.  Once we arrived at the port, we took a brief ride to the beach.  

There were probably about a dozen people on this excursion.  The guides lined all of us up and began to pair each person with a horse.  Somehow me, Weston, and my brother, Nick, were the last ones to get paired.  All that was left was three tiny horses.  Weston is over 6 feet tall, so when he mounted the horse, his feet almost touched the ground!  This was going to be interesting.

Of the four horses that were left, Weston did get the largest one.  Mine and Nick’s were pretty close in size, but his came with a foal because it had to be with its momma the whole time.  So sweet!

We rode the horses to the top of the hill to get acquainted.  On the way, our guide, Lino, said he needed to check on Charlie.  He didn’t elaborate, but he stopped at a small building and brought out a capuchin named Charlie!  He let us hold him and take pictures.  Charlie really loved me and let me feed him while he just chilled in my lap.  Charlie wasn’t officially part of the excursion, so we were the only ones in our group that got to hold a capuchin!

Lino led us in the water around the sandbar and got some great pictures of us!  They were obviously accustomed to tourists stopping for pictures, so it was nice not having to beg a stranger to photograph us. Plus he knew the best spots to take them!  He was so fun that we asked to take a picture with him when we got back to shore!

I wish I could adequately describe how exciting it was to ride a horse in the ocean.  They were so calm and you can tell they enjoy being in the water.  It was refreshing for all of us!  We can’t wait for our next adventure!

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