January 18, 2021

Central Alabama Proposal

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“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.”  These Eminem lyrics played in my head as I thought about how nervous Andrew was to propose to his girlfriend, Hannah.  He had been planning this day for weeks.  He told her she wasn’t allowed to look at his phone in December, so she assumed it was Christmas-related.  It’s now January and she still wasn’t allowed to look at Andrew’s phone.  Thankfully, she wasn’t suspicious because their three-year anniversary was coming up soon.

Hannah’s mom and her sister-in-law, Samantha, set up a stunning wall of chopped wood, candles, and flowers near the pond.  Both Hannah and Andrew’s families gathered at the pond to watch the proposal.  They hid behind Hannah’s dad’s car and patiently waited.  Hannah’s dad called her and asked them to come down to the pond to see the huge buck he just killed.  They came right over and Hannah didn’t suspect a thing.

As they got out of the car and walked up the path to the pond, Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off Hannah. He was smiling ear to ear.  Hannah didn’t notice the beautifully-arranged wall of candles.  She didn’t see their families watching nearby.  Suddenly, she stopped.  She spotted Samantha who was filming from behind a tree.  Samantha mouthed the words, “Take off your jacket.”  Hannah promptly removed her jacket and walked closer to Andrew.

Andrew pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and said, “Will you marry me?”  Hannah immediately said, “Yes!”  They hugged and kissed.  You could feel their excitement as Hannah said, “I love you!”

Hannah and Andrew, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this sweet milestone for you!  I loved getting to witness this moment and share in your excitement.  I remember thinking that y’all were a cute couple at Samantha and Clayton’s wedding and now y’all are planning your own wedding!  Maybe there really is something to catching the bouquet 😉 Congratulations to both of you!  Let the wedding planning begin!

P.S. Check out some behind the scenes videos here!

Shoutout to The Southern Social Event Company for this beautiful arrangement!

Hannah’s grandfather has kissed her cheek for every pageant she’s entered and she wanted to carry on that tradition with her proposal.  He also gave her a gold ring when she was 3 years old.  Hannah has worn it ever since and she had to move it to her right hand to make room for her new bling.  Too sweet!

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