November 16, 2021

Downtown Selma Maternity Session

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When I first planned our maternity session, downtown Selma was nowhere on my radar for locations.  We had planned a trip to Panama City so that Aly could take our photos on the beach like we did for Camryn’s maternity session.  Since both of us were already booked every weekend, we decided to come down during the week.  A few weeks ago, Weston and I realized that we would be crazy to go on a trip the week before we moved.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to change our plans.  I had dreamed of these perfect maternity photos on the beach and no where in Selma could compare to any white sandy beach.  Once I came to terms with not taking beach photos, I began searching for the perfect spot in Selma.  I finally decided on one spot with the prettiest shade of blue.

Camryn had a really good nap and woke up smiling before our session.  I felt pretty good about how these would turn out even though we weren’t going to the beach.  Literally as soon as we got Camryn out of the car and changed her into her dress, her mood completely changed.  We couldn’t get her to smile for anything.  Part of it was the loud cars and motorcycles passing by.  She has always been scared of them and they were too close for her comfort.  I also think that she knew this session was not about her and she didn’t like that.  She kept crying and asking to go home.

There was no other date we would be able to take these pictures.  This was it.  We got as many photos as we could given her temperament.  After getting them on the computer, I realized we actually have a lot more “keepers” than I thought.  Camryn may not have smiled, but we still had a few sweet moments with her.  Thank you, Aly for being patient with our girl and helping us try to get a smile out of her!  This session definitely wasn’t what I expected, but I’m thankful for each of these photos.  Our little boy will see these photos one day and see that he meant enough to us to document this season of our lives.

  1. Doris Talbert says:

    Really beautiful. Loved the blue setting. Perfect.
    Best wishes and blessings.

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