August 23, 2022

Rainy Engagement Session

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Usually when rain is in the forecast, we have time to make a call to reschedule the engagement session or continue as planned. Saturday was different. Possible rain was in the forecast, but the weather was sunny all day. That is, until just moments before Annie finished hair and makeup. I had already arrived at the first location. It was sprinkling and storm clouds were rolling in the distance, but the radar showed it would not pass over us. Within minutes, the clouds were moving faster and rain started pouring down. I called Annie to see if she wanted to try a different location. After looking at the radar, we decided to go a few miles north to Paul M. Grist State Park.

Rain was pounding my windshield as I drove down the winding back roads to the park. It wasn’t long before I could no longer see the road. I looked at the radar to see the massive storm was headed straight for the park. When I called Annie, I said we could reschedule or we could try a few spots downtown with my clear umbrella. To my delight, Annie said they were up for anything! We definitely couldn’t let that professional hair and makeup go to waste!

We found a covered area in downtown Selma that shielded us from the rain. Then another covered staircase across the street. The street lights came on and it was getting a lot darker. We went to the final location, which was one of our original locations, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. That’s when we brought out the clear umbrella and got some super cute rain photos! At the very end of our session, I asked Annie and Alan if they were willing to get soaked. I convinced them to pour water inside the umbrella and pour it on themselves! I think it ended up being a pretty cool shot and I love that the church where they are getting married is in the background.

Annie and Alan, thank you so much for embracing the rain and going along with all my crazy suggestions! I had so much fun with both of you and I’m even more excited for your wedding day. Hopefully we’ll have clear skies then, but if not, I know we’ll still get some great photos! I couldn’t stop smiling as I was taking your photos and I haven’t stopped while I’m editing them. It makes me so happy to see the love in your eyes for each other!

  1. Kathy Harrison says:

    Love these!! The one with the church in the background is one of my faves!

  2. Dea Powe says:

    Precious photos of a precious couple!!!

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