September 1, 2022

Camryn’s Third Birthday Party

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How is my baby girl already 3 years old?? This is the first year that Camryn is fully aware of birthday parties, so we got her more involved in planning her party. I asked what kind of party she wanted and she immediately said a watermelon party. She told us who she wanted to invite and she even made sure she invited me about 5 times haha.

This was her first birthday party where we invited people other than family and it was the first party at our new house. No pressure. I’m proud of how everything came together and thankful I had multiple people help make it happen!

We asked Camryn in advance if we could sing Happy Birthday to her. She said no, so we weren’t planning to sing to her. During her party, we asked again and she still didn’t want us to sing. After attempting to get a picture of all the kids together, I asked if everyone could say, “Happy birthday, Camryn.” She agreed to it, but immediately started crying when everyone said it in unison. I think having all the focus on her and the volume of everyone was intimidating. I can’t blame her though; I hate it too when it’s my birthday!


Camryn has been talking about her watermelon party for months. A few weeks ago, she said she didn’t want a watermelon party anymore. She wanted a princess party. We explained to her that we had already planned everything for a watermelon party and we couldn’t change it to a princess party. We thought that was the end of it, but she asked a few more times for a princess party. About a week ago, she told us she was so excited for her watermelon party. Whew! Once she saw everything set up, she immediately hugged me and said, “Thank you, mama!” Mission accomplished!


I still have a little PTSD from our gender reveal party when I spent hours on a balloon garland only for it to fall and immediately pop all the balloons. I called in a professional this time – Arches by Annie. She got the balloons set up in no time and I had one less task to complete before the party.

One of my favorite decorations from her party is the coloring poster! I saw some really cute ones online, but couldn’t find one I loved that was worth the price. That’s when I decided to design my own! I went to Office Depot to print it and we were all set. The best part? The total cost was $4! Money well spent! I found the cutest crayon holders on Amazon and justified getting them because each of my kids could use them after the party. Interestingly enough, myself and some of the other parents noticed that the kids didn’t leave crayons all over the table. They put the crayons back in the crayon holder and we only had one broken crayon by the end of the party!

We definitely had to include photos of Camryn from the last year in the shape of a 3. It is becoming one of my favorite birthday traditions!


Camryn specifically requested watermelon and popsicles, so we had plenty of watermelon and watermelon popsicles. We also included a few of her favorite snacks – goldfish and veggie straws. Camryn loves strawberry cake, so we ordered a homemade strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. You can pretty much guarantee that I’m going to have themed sugar cookies at any party we host. I love them and they are so cute! Camryn had a little bit of watermelon and a popsicle, but she ate those cookies more than anything!

The Creative Team:

Cake: Phyllis Davis

Cookies: Summer Brown

Balloons: Arches by Annie

Door Hanger: Hannah Cooper

Camryn and Collin’s Outfits: Lana Grace Boutique

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