February 21, 2023

Valley Grande, Alabama Proposal

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The plan was simple. Kaleb told Elizabeth they were going to an anniversary party for his grandparents. Her mom made sure Elizabeth had her nails done for the party. Jeffrey and Rebecca, Kaleb’s dad and step-mom, own and operate Tea Olive Designs. They have a shop in Valley Grande where they create their flower arrangements. Jeffrey and Rebecca set up a gorgeous flower arrangement with a rug and a path of rose petals leading to the spot where Kaleb would propose. Then Jeffrey called Kaleb to say they couldn’t get all the flower arrangements for the party and needed Kaleb to go by the shop to get the rest. I set up Jeffrey’s phone to record the proposal, then hid in the shed while Jeffrey and Rebecca went to The Venue for the surprise party.

My heart pounded as I waited to see Kaleb’s truck come down the long driveway. As soon as I saw headlights, I crouched down so they couldn’t see me. The truck got closer and closer. I couldn’t see where they parked, so I quickly hid behind the shed until they passed me. I didn’t want to risk being spotted. The moment they passed, I started snapping pictures and I could see Kaleb glance over at me with the biggest smile on his face.

Elizabeth was suspicious when Kaleb said he needed her to get out of the truck, but she did it anyway. They walked a few steps and then she saw the path of rose petals. Tears filled her eyes. Kaleb got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth to marry him. He placed the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. They shared a kiss, then both wiped tears from their eyes. Kaleb was so excited he was shaking. He didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night! He’s probably still smiling 😉

We took tons of pictures of their newly-engaged bliss as Kaleb shared little details of his grand plan with Elizabeth. He told her about the surprise party waiting for them with all their family and friends. He said they needed a song that was their song, so he chose “I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven” by Nate Smith. Kaleb made sure that song was playing as they drove up. How sweet is that?? He also told Rebecca that Elizabeth’s favorite color is yellow, so they had to have yellow flowers in the flower arrangements!

Their surprise party was beautifully planned by Kaleb’s mom, Julia, and step-mom, Rebecca. I love that they did this together! Julia, Keith, Jeffrey, and Rebecca all co-parent so elegantly.

To the Nichols, Bridges, and Barrett families, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to photograph such an exciting milestone for your family! I hope these photos bring you joy every time you look at them and remember this blissful day!

  1. Sue Moore says:

    Love all the pictures ❤️ Great job! Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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