February 14, 2023

Camden, Alabama Engagement Session

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Rain has threatened many photo sessions lately and we ended up having to reschedule Lauren and Cole’s engagement session to the following day. Since I don’t keep up with sports, I had no idea the Super Bowl was the same day until my husband mentioned it at lunch. Based on previous experience, I go to every session assuming the guy does not want to be there. When there’s a big game on, I know they REALLY don’t want to be there. I promised Cole I would make sure to finish their session with plenty of time for him to make it home for the game. The only stipulation was that he had to smile for all the pictures. It was a win for all of us! P.S. If any guys are concerned, Cole did make it home in time for the Super Bowl 🙂

When I am coaching a couple into a pose, I try to add a little movement so it looks more natural. I had a “pretzel pose” in my head that I wanted Lauren and Cole to try, but my brain couldn’t figure out exactly how to get them into that pose. I held Lauren’s hands and tried to twist our arms the way they needed to twist. It was probably quite comical to watch. I could see the end result in my head, so we decided to skip to that part and I’m so glad we did! It ended up being my favorite pose from the day and my sneak peek photo!

Lauren and Cole, thank you so much for trusting me through all the poses that felt awkward. I think your photos are proof that if it feels weird, it looks great! Y’all seriously look like professional models! I can’t wait to get y’all in front of the camera again in October!

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