December 12, 2023

Collin’s Second Birthday Party

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Collin followed in his sister’s footsteps and had a little tantrum during his party. Camryn had never thrown a tantrum and was literally lying on the floor during her party. Collin has had his share of tantrums, but we didn’t expect him to get upset taking pictures. He usually loves taking pictures! We tried to get all the photos out of the way before the party, but Collin didn’t want anyone but me to hold him. Quite the challenge when I’m the photographer and I want to get photos of him with all his party guests. We ended up taking a group picture with Collin lying on the floor.


Camryn didn’t give us much of a choice on Collin’s birthday theme. She told me months ago, “I’m going to have a Minnie Mouse birthday party and Collin is going to have a Mickey Mouse birthday party.” It wasn’t the theme I was planning to do, but I thought it would be cute for both of them to do Minnie and Mickey themes this year. Especially since they love those characters right now!

If you happened to see our Halloween photos, you may notice that we re-used our costumes (we dressed up as Minnie and Mickey). I had already purchased Collin and Camryn’s outfits for his birthday party before we decided what to wear for Halloween, so their costumes were a little different. Weston and I wore the same outfits for Halloween that we planned to wear for Collin’s party.


I never want to do a party without Annie doing balloons! It made set up so easy and stress-free. Weston and I kept talking about how this was the least stressful birthday party we’ve ever had. (A welcome relief since we had my grandfather’s funeral the day before).

We chose to do minimal decorations – our traditional number-shaped photo collage, framed invitation, and tons of balloons. I also got a Mickey cake topper from AV Designs like we did for Camryn’s party. It really brought everything together!

The night before Collin’s party, I realized I didn’t have any candles! I found some pink number candles in the cabinet and painted the 2 gold. So glad it worked out!


Since the party was in the morning, we just did our usual cake, cookies, and light snacks. We stopped by Daylight Donuts to get some mini pig in a blanket so we could have “hot diggity dogs” for the party. With everything going on the week leading up to Collin’s party, I forgot to think of a few things like goldfish, drinks, and napkins. My mom happened to have an unopened bag of Disney goldfish with her, so we added those to the food table. As soon as we put out the cake and cookies, Camryn was begging to eat them. She loves Mrs. Summer’s cookies and would eat every single one if we’d let her. Collin didn’t care much for the sweets, but he ate quite a few “hot diggity dogs!”

  1. Douglas Shelton says:

    Great party for such a sweet boy! I like the hot-diggity-dogs too!

  2. Pam Bjelke says:

    I love everything about Collin’s number 2!!
    He has great taste, aka, hot diggity dogs! Whomever did the balloons, I need name, address, email, date of birth, and blood type! So grateful and happy to see Mrs. Joy could make it, and was right next to Debbo!! Camryn, Ashley, and Weston, you all get A+ !!! And Camryn, a gold star for you not eating ALL the cookies. Love to all!! ❤️❤️❤️

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