November 28, 2023

Central Alabama Engagement Session

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When Oksana messaged me a few weeks ago, I was so excited to learn that she was engaged to Joze! I had one weekday left before Thanksgiving when I wasn’t taking pictures and thankfully it worked with their schedule too. Everything was set and then the weather decided to change our plans. We planned to meet at Oksana’s family’s farmhouse on Tuesday afternoon. With the impending storm, we were forced to reschedule their engagement session for early the next morning. Makeup by KinsleyM got up before the sun to do Oksana’s hair and makeup and she looked flawless!

Like most guys, Joze doesn’t exactly love taking pictures. However, he chose to make the most of it and revel in the moment. What a difference it made! Throughout the session, Oksana and Joze became a symphony of laughter and smiles. Joze even let loose with a silly hip pop that made all of us giggle.

There was something enchanting about Oksana and Jose’s chemistry. Their faces lit up with every stolen glance and every time they talked about the other. I’ve never seen Oksana as happy as I did that day. I had just met Joze, but I could tell they are both genuinely in love with each other and excited to spend the rest of their lives together. What a treasure to witness their love story and memorialize the beginning of their love for future generations!

Oksana and Joze, I am thrilled that you chose me to photograph your engagement session, bridal session (later today!), and your upcoming wedding! The best compliment to a photographer is a returning client and it is an honor to have photographed Oksana many times over the years. Both of you are the kindest people. I love watching the two of you together and I cannot wait for your wedding in January!

  1. Karen Sumerlin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures of a beautiful couple! Lovely setting too. They both look so happy and you can see the love they have for each other.

  2. Jess says:

    Oksana, you look so beautiful! The gods really favored you that day. 😝 Every photo is my favorite. Ashley & Kinsley—> this is for you 👏🏻
    Joze…I saw the hip pop in the photo, I can only hope to witness that in person one day.

  3. Geri Heisler says:

    Beautiful pictures Oksana u look so happy wish u the best

  4. Karen Chisenall says:

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful couple. Im so happy for you. True ❤️ love

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