March 18, 2024

Paul M. Grist State Park Senior Session

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Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing Nicolas, a soon-to-be Morgan Academy graduate. Nicolas’s cousin and makeup artist extraordinaire, Kinsley, recommended me for his senior portraits. Knowing Nicolas’s love for fishing, we chose Paul M. Grist State Park as the backdrop for his session.

In an effort to add some unique photos, we decided to incorporate a rowboat into the shoot. Little did we know that this decision would lead to one of the most memorable moments of the day. As we attempted to position the boat for the perfect shot, fate had other plans. With a sudden flip, the water swiftly carried the boat away (sorry, park rangers!), leaving us boat-less on the muddy shore. As you can see, we still got some pretty great shots though!

To my surprise, Nicolas actually doesn’t mind being in front of the camera. Most guys I photograph hate being in front of the camera, so this was a welcome change of pace! It definitely made it a lot easier to convince him to sit on a random picnic table. Coincidentally, the picnic table photos ended up being some of my favorite!

Nicolas, thank you so much for trusting me to take your senior portraits! Your easygoing nature made this such a fun session! Thank you for going along with all the poses that seemed kinda weird – you obviously rocked it! I hope these photos will serve as a timeless reminder of your high school years and the adventures that lie ahead. Your journey to Wallace Community College and eventually the University of South Alabama is bound to be filled with even more unforgettable moments, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you next!

  1. Julia Russo says:

    Passing the “baton” as I retired from photography a “few” years ago. Great job! I don’t often see such care taken making portraits these days. Your work is the exception. And it helps you had a handsome model who is my great nephew 😁

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