April 11, 2024

Tyler, Alabama Senior Session

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As I drove down the winding dirt road, I felt a sense of déjà vu. It wasn’t until I arrived at Ally’s grandmother’s house that it hit me – I had been here before. Years ago, I had second-shot a wedding at this very location and that unforgettable view came flooding back to me.

We started with Ally’s heirloom dress and quickly found ourselves battling the wind as we took photos under the large oak trees. The corridor between the row of trees and the house created a wind tunnel, which made it a little more challenging in that particular spot.

In true Southern hospitality, Ally’s grandmother made sure to keep us hydrated. She made us to go cups of ice water and even garnished mine with a lemon.

After a dress change, we took some of my all-time favorite photos with the tree swing and that breathtaking view in the background. I could have photographed Ally in this spot all day! However, we still had two more outfits and a few more backgrounds to cover.

You’ll never believe what happened next! While setting up a particular shot, I positioned Ally precisely where I wanted her and started backing up without checking behind me. Suddenly, I felt a snag on my leg. It turned out I had backed right into a barbed wire fence! As I grabbed it with my hand to pull it off, I got the shock of my life—literally! The combination of the electric jolt and the startling sound caused me to let out an unexpected scream. Though I wasn’t hurt, my whole body was tingling, and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. I think it hurt my pride more than anything!

Our final destination was a field blanketed with crimson clover and vibrant yellow wildflowers. Ally’s pastel yellow dress provided the perfect contrast against the backdrop of red, green, and yellow hues.

Ally, I am incredibly grateful you chose me to capture your gorgeous senior session! I had an absolute blast taking your pictures – even with my shocking mishap 🙂 You are going to have so much fun in college at The University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

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