April 23, 2024

Selma, Alabama Senior Session

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Engaging senior guys in a photo session is quite a feat. However, I have found that the best way to get them excited (or even interested) is to incorporate something they love! For Spivey, he loves duck hunting, fishing, and his truck. We tailored his session to reflect these interests and headed to Spivey’s favorite outdoor spots, capturing him in his element.

Our first stop was a tranquil pond. If you look closely, you can see raindrops dancing on the water’s surface. Thankfully, it was just a light drizzle and we were able to continue our session!

Next, we ventured down a winding dirt road and stopped in the middle of the bare cotton fields. Spivey brought out his gun for a few photos and also posed with his truck. Spivey’s girlfriend—one of this year’s senior spokesmodels—tagged along for his session. We joked that Spivey had been taking posing tips from her! I even talked him into doing a pose that I love, but most guys won’t do. See if you can spot it below!

The final destination was a man-made waterfall—a favorite fishing spot for Spivey. He cast his line and moments later Spivey actually hooked a fish! Though the fish managed to escape before he could reel it in, it was still fun that he hooked one so quickly!

Spivey, thank you so much for embracing unconventional poses – even climbing on slippery rocks for the shot! Your session was so much fun and I enjoyed hanging out with you and your entourage. I hope your senioritis stays at bay for the next month until graduation. Soak in the last moments of high school and get ready for your next adventure! The best is yet to come!

  1. Mary Meeks says:

    These look so good!! So proud of you Spivey, Love you❤️

  2. Krystal Spivey Mezera says:

    Thank you so much for coming out and taking a chance of meeting critters at the swamp. We too enjoyed the day and owe you a new pair of shoes! I know the pose and it turned out great! I am really proud of Spivey. ❤️

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