June 26, 2018

Our First Trip to Europe

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Fourteen years.  That’s how long I have dreamed of going to Paris.  When I met Weston ten years ago, I told him about my travel dreams.  He promised we would go one day.  We tried to go a few times in college with various groups, but it never worked out.  Once we got married, we made a goal to travel to Europe for our 5-year anniversary and to work hard to become debt-free before we went (student loans are no joke).

2018.  This was our year.  The year we would celebrate 5 years of marriage.  The year we would become debt-free.  The year we would travel to Europe.  We booked our flights and our Airbnbs at the beginning of the year and worked diligently to make sure we were debt-free before Europe.  We paid off $135,000 in four and a half years (more on that in a later post).  We made our last debt payment two weeks before we left for this long-awaited trip.

Here are just a FEW of the hundreds of photos we took in Europe!  There are iPhone photos mixed in with “real” photos.  Enjoy!

We are the people that like to talk to our seat mates. This was our new friend’s first flight!

Weston has a cute little folder with all our travel info 🙂

Our adorable Airbnb in London!

We are still in awe of the Crown Jewels! Definitely a must-see!

You can walk INSIDE the Tower Bridge!

View from The Shard

I matched our Airbnb 🙂

We have traveled each year for our anniversary and this year felt like every other vacation at first.  Flights, layovers, airport and plane food.  It didn’t hit me until we actually arrived in London.  Once we were there, we didn’t want to leave.  We loved London.  We loved Europe.  We thought very seriously about having all our stuffed shipped over to us.

We finally made it to my dream destination – Paris!  Our Uber driver picked us up from Gare du Nord and as soon as I saw the Eiffel Tower slowly come into view, I teared up.  It was surreal.  I couldn’t believe we were actually there.  I teared up again when we made it to our Airbnb and looked out the window.  We had a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and it was even closer than I imagined!

The view from our Airbnb!!!

My favorite Degas painting

I still can’t believe I got to do a photo session in Paris!

Our new friends from the Netherlands

Traffic in Paris gives us anxiety

We flew over Greenland!

We got to add a couple of new pins to our travel wall!

Surprise!  I have had a number of people ask if they can purchase prints from our trip; therefore, I have uploaded a gallery of photos for you!  I always love travel photos in black and white and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so the gallery includes both color and black and white photos.  Enjoy!

Which photos were your favorite?  Tell me in the comments below!

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