September 4, 2018

Kiss Your Makeup Stress Goodbye

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The makeup queen herself with her flawless makeup!

Wedding planning takes a lot of preparation before the big day.  You may not think that wedding makeup requires any prior planning, but we have a few tips to help you kiss the makeup stress goodbye.  Kayleigh Grace from Makeup by KG gave us some of her top tips for making sure your wedding makeup is flawless and stress-free!

1. Drink lots of water 

This tip might not seem important, but trust me, it is!  Drinking plenty of water results in healthy, hydrated skin.  Brides often forget to take care of themselves while planning their wedding.  Water is extremely important not only for nice skin, but it also really helps with makeup application!

2. Pick out your lipstick beforehand

There are countless brides that do not wear makeup on a regular basis.  Picking your lipstick may sound silly now, but you will thank me later!  Do a test run with a few different shades you like for several days to see what looks on you.  Lipstick can make or break your final look and doesn’t need to be a last minute decision.  Know what brand and what color you want to wear before your wedding day.

3. Do a trial run

All makeup artists are different.  I choose to include a trial run for no extra cost. If your makeup artist charges you to do a trial run, JUST DO IT.  Brides typically use their trial run for hair and makeup on the day they do their bridal session.  If you’re not doing a bridal session, you still need to do a trial run of both your hair and makeup.  The best way to make sure you love the way you look and avoid a wedding day crisis is to do a trial run.  Makeup application is not easy and makeup goes on differently with every skin type. If you are not 100% satisfied after your trial run is over, PLEASE tell your artist! It’s not our day, it won’t hurt our feelings if we have to change something – this is ALL about you!

4. Find a look you like before your trial

You will need to have an idea of what kind of eye you want so expectations can be met. Do you want a natural look?  Smokey eye? Cat eye? Find photos of makeup you love and show them to your makeup artist at your trial.  This will help your makeup artist tremendously and she will thank you for being so prepared!

5. Get your eyebrows done the week of your wedding

This is a very important tip! Even though we are doing your makeup, which typically includes filling in your eyebrows, it is not our responsibility to groom your brows. It can be very time consuming and you don’t want to surprise your makeup artist the day of your wedding.  Not only because it takes time and adds stress, but you also don’t want red eyebrows on your wedding day!

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Do you have some tips to add to the list?  Share them in the comments!

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