September 11, 2018

Love is in the Hair

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Amy Piper has been the hair stylist at many of the weddings I have photographed, so I asked her to share some tips for having a fabulous hair experience for your wedding!  Here are her top 5 tips for your wedding:

On your wedding day, you should feel confident and beautiful. One of my favorite things about being a hair stylist is helping people look and feel great about themselves. It brings me so much joy styling someone’s hair and revealing that perfect bridal look to them in the mirror!  Keep these tips in mind as you are planning your wedding.

1. Remember humidity

I encourage brides to think about the humidity and how it can affect your luscious locks if your hair is styled down – especially if your wedding is outside during the summer in Alabama. Every bride is different and what works for one bride may not for another.  Sharing details about your dress, time of day, time of year, indoor or outdoor, and the venue will help me understand what will work for the your hairstyle for that day.

2. Communicate

Some brides like to have their hair completely different from their bridesmaids and some brides want everyone to have the same hair. I think it’s very important to have a clear understanding with your stylist what you do and don’t want on your wedding day. Pictures always help me understand what look you’re going for and to stay in line with the overall theme of your wedding.  Make sure you are completely honest with your stylist.  I have heard horror stories of how brides had their hair done on their wedding day and then take it down after the stylist leaves because they were unhappy and too afraid or too polite to say anything. It is YOUR day. Let us know what you don’t like so we can fix it!

3. Do a hair and makeup trial

Trial sessions with your hair stylist are a great way to ensure everything looks perfect for your big day. When you have this practice session and get a style plan, take pictures of it so you can remember exactly what you liked and what you may need to change.  Be sure to bring anything you plan on wearing in your hair such as your veil, flowers, combs, or halos so you can adjust where you want them to sit. The best time for a trial run is the day you have a bridal session with your photographer so you can see photos of your complete look before the big day.

4. Book all your hair appointments at once

When booking a hair stylist for your wedding, make sure your stylist is available for the wedding date, a month before for a trim or color maintenance, and for a trial session. Go ahead and book all three dates with your hair stylist at once.  Be sure to coordinate the trial session with your makeup artist and your photographer!

5. Allow plenty of time

Decide if your bridal party (and mothers, grandmothers, etc.) will use a hair stylist for the wedding and give us a head count so we know how early we need to start. The last thing any bride wants is to be rushed through pictures because they did not allow adequate time for getting ready.  A timeline is super important for your wedding day to ensure everyone knows where to be and what time to be there.  Starting your hair and makeup on time is crucial for keeping the rest of your day on track.

Hopefully these tips will help with your wedding planning and make it even easier for you to enjoy your big day!  Call 334-368-0515 to book Amy for your wedding.

Do you have any hair tips to add?  Share them in the comments!

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