September 18, 2018

Memories in Motion

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Wedding videography has become increasingly popular over the last few years and I have had the pleasure of second shooting for Aly Hughes Photography on many occasions. It has opened my eyes to the similarities and differences of wedding photography and wedding videography. I asked Aly to share a few tips for brides considering videography for their wedding day. Check out her top tips below:

1. Book us for the same time frame as your photographer.  

Videographers want to capture the same details as your photographer and you’ll thank them for it when you see your highlight video.  When you book us for the same time, you can be sure we don’t miss something important and we are all on the same page.

2. Make sure you point out special friends and family members that you want to make sure are in the video.    

We don’t know your family and who is important to you and we would hate to leave anyone out.  Also, let us know if there is a crazy cousin-in-law that likes to steal the show that you’d rather NOT have in the video!

3. Let your wedding party and family know ahead of time that you’ll have a videographer.

People can become camera shy when they find out they’re being filmed.  We may be trying to film one of those important people on your list and they hide their face or turn away from the camera.  If they know ahead of time that a videographer will be there, they are more likely to let us film them.

4. Let us know if there are any special surprises.

Couples and their families like to have special surprises during the wedding such as gift giving, toasts, fireworks, etc.  We sometimes need time to prepare our gear, so it is best not to catch us off guard to make sure we don’t miss something.

5. Book a videographer!

The number one regret we hear from brides is that they didn’t book a videographer.  Videos can capture moments in a way that photos cannot because of sound and movement and it lets people feel like they were there even if they couldn’t make it.  You can also relive your wedding day every year on your anniversary!

We hope these tips are helpful in planning your big day!  Click here for Aly’s video page and check out some of the videos Aly and I did together here:

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding at Donavan Inn

Cambrian Ridge Golf Course Wedding

First Baptist Church of Selma Wedding

The Chapel at the Waters Wedding

Do you have any tips to add?  Share them in the comments!

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