March 31, 2020

Colorful Downtown Senior Session

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The coronavirus has certainly made the world make countless changes to our daily lives.  I’m a compulsive planner, which means that I make a plan for my blog posts well in advance.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced weddings and sessions to reschedule, forcing me to shift my plans for blog posts in April.  I wanted to find a way to honor the seniors I have photographed this year since their school year is essentially over.  Thanks to coronavirus, I am going to start blogging my senior sessions!  Maybe there’s a few bright spots in this pandemic after all. 🙂

Averee’s senior session was my last session before Camryn was born in August.  I’m so glad my maternity leave began right after such a fun and colorful session.  We went to a few locations in downtown Selma, including multiple murals.  Two of the murals were ones that I designed and painted earlier in the year!  I was so excited when Averee told me that she wanted to take pictures in front of my murals!  The colors Averee chose for her outfits perfectly coordinated with each location.  We even found some really unique spots downtown where no one else had taken photos there before – such a great feeling!

As a star athlete in cheerleading, softball, basketball, and track, Averee has won multiple awards throughout her high school year.  One of her proudest awards is All-American cheerleader, so we made sure to get a few shots with her medallions.  I also convinced her to do a few flips for the camera to show off her skills.

I’m not sure if this will always be one of my favorite sessions because I have known Averee for over five years, because I was 9 months pregnant and so proud of myself for taking pictures with a giant belly, or because I pushed myself creatively.  Either way, I love all of her photos!

Averee, thank you so much for choosing me to take your senior portraits!  I have loved watching you grow up over the last five years and taking pictures of you and your family!  You have such a sweet spirit.  You’re one of the few people I trust to babysit Camryn.  Congratulations on your senior year!  It may not end the way you dreamed of, but I know God has big plans for you at University of Alabama.  I hope you’ll come back to visit us frequently!

  1. Stacy Seaman says:

    We are so blessed to have a beautiful granddaughter like Ave. She always brightens our day with her dazzling smile. I told her she my hero, and that’s true. She’s fearless and stands up for what she believes. She’s beautiful and talented. Most of all, she has a heart of gold and a strong desire to help children. She loves Jesus and her family. Who could ask for anything more. Thank you for all the time you gave, Ashley, in preserving so many precious moments for Averee through your gorgeous photography. Congrats, Averee. Your family adores you. Grandma and Pa

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