March 2, 2021

Chewacla State Park Proposal

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TLC says not to go chasing waterfalls, but we decided to do it anyway!  Hunter had the whole thing planned for weeks.  At the beginning of February, Holly’s mom, Greta, contacted me about photographing her daughter’s proposal.  I think I agreed to shoot it before she even finished her sentence!  About a week later, Greta and Hunter visited Chewacla State Park and FaceTimed me so we could pick the perfect spot for it to happen.

Hunter asked Holly to go on a date night with him Saturday night.  He told her they had to make a detour at the park to check out a potential surprise party venue for their friend.  Holly walked on the well-worn path with her boyfriend.  With each step, she unknowingly ventured closer and closer to the moment he would ask for her hand in marriage.  About a dozen trees were adorned with photos of Holly and Hunter.  Every photograph transported them through the last year of their relationship together.   Around the halfway point to the waterfall, a huge sign was painted with the words, “I have found the one whom my soul loves. -Song of Solomon 3:4”

As they made their way down the path to the waterfall, dozens of strangers took notice of the flowers on the rocks.  They could sense that something was about to happen.  One cluster of people asked me for the couple’s ETA and they ended up staying on the rocks a bit longer so they wouldn’t miss it.  Another family learned of the proposal and took their seats on a rock next to me.  The mom even filmed the proposal!

Shortly after, everyone could see Holly and Hunter walking through the trees.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and focused on them.  They watched anxiously as Holly and Hunter climbed onto the rocks covered in rose petals.  Everyone held their breath as Hunter pulled the ring out and asked Holly to marry him.  The crowd erupted in cheers as Holly shook her head yes and kissed Hunter!  I took a few more photos of the newly engaged couple in front of the waterfall.  Then we made our way back to the pavilion where both of their families and friends were waiting.  It was the best surprise!

Holly and Hunter, thank you for inviting me to be part of such a fun moment in your lives!  Your proposal was definitely memorable for your families, but it also made an impact on the dozens of strangers that got to witness it.  I hope you treasure these photos and proudly show them off for years to come.  The best part about all of this is that it only gets better!  If you think your proposal was exciting, just wait until you get to experience the blessing of marriage!

P.S. Check out the behind the scenes reel here!

  1. Cindy Knighten says:

    It was very very Special , Hunter did a very good job of surprising Holly , along with with her parents Mark and Greta and his parents , Leigh Ann and Alan. Makes forever precious Memories. Thank for the wonderful photos. Love you both , Cindy Knighten ( Hunter’s MawMaw)

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