March 16, 2021

Selma Alabama Senior Session

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When I started Scott’s senior session, I asked him on a scale from 1 to 10 how much he loved taking pictures.  He said probably a 2, which is typical for just about every male I photograph.  From what I could tell, Scott had way more fun than he expected!

We went to a few different spots in the woods and ended with Scott fishing on his boat in the pond.  The first spot had tall grass with feathery tops.  Then we found a spot on the side of the road with tall golden grass that the sunlight hit just right!  Scott did a quick change into another shirt before going to a small pond.  At the last spot, I got a few more shots of Scott in the woods before he changed into his final outfit.  He quickly changed and pulled his boat out into the water.  We got some pretty cool shots of him doing what he loves!

After his session, Scott had to hurry to get downtown for one last wardrobe change.  This time, it was into a suit for his senior prom – a lime green suit!  I kept thinking about how effortless it is for guys to get ready for big events.  For comparison, I spent the entire day getting my hair, nails, and makeup done the day of my high school prom!

Scott, thank you so much for trusting me to take your senior portraits!  I know pictures aren’t always a guy’s favorite thing, but you did a fantastic job!  I hope you enjoyed your senior prom and I hope you enjoy living in Mobile next year when you go off to college.  Be sure to grab a coffee at Carpé Diem if you find yourself in the Spring Hill area!

P.S. Click here to watch a behind the scenes reel!

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