April 20, 2021

Selma Alabama Proposal

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Every female I know that has been in a relationship for any amount of time has thought about their dream proposal.  Many of those girls share their plans with their boyfriend, best friend, or parents.  Morgan and Tyler have been dating for 3 years.  She knew the day was coming when Tyler would propose and she shared every detail of her dream proposal with him.  Down to the photographer and what their son, Wynston, would be wearing.  The photographer part was easy – Tyler contacted me over a month ago and started planning.  He had to figure out three things: where to hide the ring where Morgan wouldn’t find it, how to get Wynston in that particular outfit without Morgan seeing it, and how to get Morgan to the spot where he was going to propose.

Tyler had the ring for about a week and a half and somehow Morgan knew that he had it.  She searched high and low in their house to find it with no luck.  Tyler had hidden it in the lock box inside his truck!  She even looked in his truck, but couldn’t get into the lock box.  Morgan was completely surprised to see which ring Tyler picked out of the ones she showed him and admitted that this one was her favorite.

To help set up his plan, Tyler enlisted the help of their friends, Andrew and Ivey.  The four friends had planned a night out.  Morgan and Tyler dropped Wynston off with Morgan’s mom.  Tyler secretly gave her mom the special outfit Wynston was supposed to wear and Morgan’s mom dressed him before dropping him off at the proposal spot later that night.  Then, Andrew told Tyler that he needed help with something on his family’s land.  Moments later, Andrew called his wife, Ivey, to tell her that they had locked their keys in the truck and needed Ivey and Morgan to come help.  When Ivey and Morgan were in sight, Tyler and Wynston quickly ran to the proposal spot and crouched down so Morgan could not see them behind the tall grass.  That perfect spot was in an open field where Tyler had set up a beautiful handmade (by Tyler!) A-frame arch – just as Morgan had envisioned!

Morgan got out of the truck and Andrew got in.  They said, “bye,” and Morgan thought for a second that they were abandoning her in the middle of nowhere.  Then she saw Tyler and Wynston.  Her smile lit up her entire face.  She walked closer and closer to them.  Wynston reached for Morgan and she held him as Tyler got down on one knee.  He asked her to marry him and she said, “yes!”  Morgan didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night!

The surprises were not over yet!  We drove back to the road and parted ways – or so Morgan thought.  I went ahead of them to the surprise engagement party down the road.  Dozens of family members and friends anxiously awaited for the newly engaged couple to arrive.  Their friends and families had created a Mexican fiesta-themed party to surprise them.  Morgan and Tyler arrived to a warm welcome and were ready to party the night away!

Morgan and Tyler, thank you so much for trusting me to capture such an exciting part of your love story! I am honored to be the photographer you chose for this moment and thrilled that you want me to photograph your wedding!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally meet one of the people that constantly likes my posts on social media.  Thank you for being a loyal follower!  I can’t wait to watch your love grow as we get closer to your wedding day!  Congratulations, you two!

P.S. Watch a behind the scenes reel here!

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