April 12, 2022

Wisteria Tree Senior Session

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Rebecca had chosen locations for her senior portraits weeks ago.  Flooding from severe storms in our area forced us to change the date of her session.  As luck would have it, we had more severe weather and flooding in the second location recently.  We had to find another location the day of her session.

It wasn’t quite what Rebecca was looking for, but the new location ended up being better than we could have imagined!  I had passed by this spot with a beautiful wisteria tree earlier in the week and just knew it would make great photos.  On the day of Rebecca’s session, I drove by there, sent pictures to Rebecca and her mom, and they loved it!

We met downtown to take a few pictures in front of one of the historic homes.  The breeze perfectly brushed Rebecca’s hair.  That slight breeze quickly turned into piercing wind.  We drove to the next location and were met with more piercing wind.  Rebecca was constantly having to fix her hair after each gust.  Shortly after, we decided to move on to the wisteria tree with hopes that it would block the wind.

As we walked toward the cascading wisteria tree, its fragrant blooms filled the air.  The pleasant aroma, twisted vines, and calming lavender hues left us in awe.  Was this a fairytale land?  Does this place actually exist?  I found myself taking way too many pictures in this spot, but could you blame me?  I mean, it was breathtaking!

Rebecca, thank you so much for being part of my first Senior Spokesmodel team and for trusting me when we had to change your location at the last minute!  I can’t believe you are already a senior.  I remember taking your family portraits for the first time almost 5 years ago.  You are a beautiful young woman and I know your parents are incredibly proud of you.  Thank you for such a wonderful year!

P.S. Check out a behind the scenes reel here!

P.P.S. Class of 2023 Spokesmodel applications open at the end of April!  Turn on notifications on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to apply.

  1. Dea Powe says:

    Absolutely gorgeous young lady in a beautiful setting! My favorite is her lying among the blossoms!

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