May 10, 2022

Marengo House Bridal Session

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love bridal sessions!  I may have done a happy dance when Madison told me she wanted to do a bridal session.  Her sister did a bridal session before her wedding and I love that Madison did the same.

As I drove down the long, gravel drive to Marengo House, photo ideas flooded my mind.  Twirling shot here, classic shot there.   It was overcast, so I had to be conscious of the direction of the light source.  We took all the photos we wanted outside first just in case it started raining.  We even brought an antique chair outside for a few minutes for an additional touch of elegance.  Then we finished up in the beautiful library with Madison on the antique couch.  How fun is it that the couch is the same color as her bridesmaids’ dresses?  The library photos are definitely some of my all-time favorites!  Who am I kidding?  Most of the photos from this session are some of my all-time favorites!

After seeing all the photos on the back of my camera, I knew it would be challenging to choose which photo to post first after Madison’s wedding.  Even more challenging would be deciding which photo(s) to print, but thankfully I didn’t have to make that decision!  Madison printed one of the photos from her bridal session to display at their reception next to their cake – the perfect spot.  It always makes my heart smile to see photographs in all their glory artfully displayed in frames or albums!

Madison, thank you so much for choosing to add a bridal session along with your engagement session and wedding!  I enjoyed the extra time with you and your mom!  You looked like a princess and now my daughter wants a white dress just like yours 🙂  

  1. Judy Rogers says:

    Love these photos!!! You did a great job!!!

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