April 12, 2023

Mobile, Alabama Senior Session

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Mary Caroline is not only one of my Senior Spokesmodels, but she also goes to my church and I have known her family for years. I was so excited when she applied for my spokesmodel team! Then even more excited when she said she wanted to do her senior portraits in Mobile! I love traveling anywhere to take pictures, but Mobile is my hometown and has a special place in my heart. On the day of her session, Mary Caroline had Kinsley do her hair and makeup in Selma, then drove three hours to Mobile. Her hair and makeup stayed flawless during the entire session!

We met at Spring Hill College’s Avenue of the Oaks, a popular photo destination. In fact, over a dozen people started taking prom photos toward the end of our time there. The towering century-old live oak trees create a beautiful backdrop for photos. Many of the oak trees have limbs that plunge toward the ground and create endless photo opportunities!

Her future roommate lives in Mobile and brought a few things to Mary Caroline, so we made sure to grab a couple of roomie photos while she was there.

Since she had a few outfit changes, Mary Caroline and her mom, Lori Ann, came prepared with a bed sheet to hold over the trunk of their car for a makeshift changing room. Genius idea! 

We saved the last two outfits for Washington Square, another popular photo spot that had half a dozen more prom-goers taking pictures. Thankfully, both locations were large enough that we could avoid anyone photo-bombing us!

Mary Caroline, thank you for not only choosing me for your senior portraits, but also for being part of my spokesmodel team! It has been such a fun year taking pictures and getting to know you! I enjoyed showing you parts of my hometown and I love every single photo we took 🙂 I hope you have the best time starting the next chapter at University of Alabama!

  1. Jennifer Banks says:

    Love ❤️ all of them.

  2. I can’t pick a favorite!!! Love them all!!

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