April 18, 2023

Rainy Senior Session at Target

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Would you take your senior portraits while it’s raining? Would you take them outside Target with dozens of people walking by every minute? That’s exactly what Audrey did for her senior session! That certainly wasn’t the plan, but the weather forced us to make a decision. We could either postpone her session or take them anyway. Since we had both already driven an hour to Prattville and Audrey already had her hair and makeup done, she decided to go for it!

Audrey is one of my senior spokesmodels and we have been planning her session for weeks. The original plan was to do her senior portraits in downtown Prattville. While we did start in downtown, we actually took her portraits at a bank! When it started raining on my way there, I started looking around and trying to think of covered areas where we could still get some good images. There weren’t many covered options in the main part of downtown, but I spied a gorgeous white bank building that was screaming, “Pick me, pick me!” Audrey met me at the bank and we planned to do half her session there and the other half at TARGET!

At the Prattville Target entrance, there is a really cool feature wall with a hollow circle. Every time I passed it I thought it would be a fun photo spot. Now was my opportunity! I was so excited that Audrey was up for it and she trusted my vision. She wore a hot pink feather bandeau with black pants that was super cute, but wasn’t in the same color palette as the Target red wall. I thought about changing the color of the wall and when Audrey’s mom asked if that were a possibility I knew I needed to do it. I wasn’t sure what color to change it to, but when I started editing and testing colors, pink was the obvious choice. Aren’t the Target circle photos so fun??

We used the sidewalk and the outside wall of Target for the remainder of her photos and it is impossible to choose a favorite. Audrey used my clear umbrella for the ones on the sidewalk and talk about CUTE! I can already tell I will be oversharing these photos in the weeks to come.

Audrey, thank you so much for being part of my spokesmodel team and choosing me for photos for your senior year! Thank you for trusting me to create stunning portraits even in the rain! It was such a fun session and I am proud of every single image. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope you love these photos for years to come.

  1. Lori Combs says:

    Love all the pictures and Audrey you are so beautiful!! Love the creativity too of all the pictures ❤️

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