October 17, 2023

Wildflower Senior Session

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As a photographer, each session presents its own unique set of challenges and surprises. Taylor’s senior senior session was no exception. We began our adventure downtown, seeking the classic urban backdrop for the first set of shots. Little did we know that the weather would force us to change our plans entirely.

When Taylor and I were planning her session, she said she wanted to find a field with vibrant flowers. Dallas County isn’t exactly known for its lush fields, but I stumbled upon this hidden gem just a week before her session while driving around to get my toddler to take a nap. 🙂

As we arrived at the field on the day of the shoot, we were both in awe of the stunning transformation. The field, which was unassuming just a week ago, had burst into vibrant bloom. It’s incredible how quickly nature can transform itself.

Our adventure took an unexpected turn as we headed to our third and final location when raindrops began to fall. Taylor’s dad called to inform us that it was pouring at the planned destination, prompting us to change course and return to the flower-filled haven.

Though the rain was just a sprinkle when we arrived at the field, it gradually intensified. Taylor, however, decided to embrace it in the most beautiful way. She twirled and danced in the rain-soaked field, creating some of the most memorable and unexpected senior portraits. The joy and spontaneity in her expression added a touch of magic to the session.

What made this session even more special was the connection I shared with Taylor’s family. Three years ago, I had the privilege of photographing Taylor’s brother’s senior portraits. Their family also goes to church with us and Taylor is one of this year’s senior spokesmodels!

Taylor, thank you so much for not only trusting me to make your senior portraits special, but also for embracing the rain. It was so unpredictable, but I love that you made the most of it! I am so excited to have you on my spokesmodel team this year and I can’t wait to get you in front of the camera again!

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