April 10, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding at Donavan Inn

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She promised herself she wouldn’t cry.  She watched them say their vows and walk down the aisle.  She kept her composure as she watched their first dance and even as her new daughter-in-law danced with her father.  Then it was her turn.  There were countless people around them. Watching.  Admiring.  Her son grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor.  Their song played and she couldn’t keep it in any longer.  As tears ran down her cheek, she held him tighter.  This was their moment.  This was the day her son got married.  This was the day she had to let him go.  They made eye contact and each shed a few tears.  Their eyes were flooded with tears by the end of the song when they gave each other a tight hug.

I’m a sympathetic crier.  If I see someone else crying happy tears, I start tearing up too.  I usually end up crying at least once when I’m shooting a wedding.  Usually it’s because of a sweet moment during the ceremony, during the bride and groom’s first dance, or even during the father-daughter dance.  The only time I’ve cried during the mother-son dance was at my brother’s wedding.  Until Andrew and his mom danced together and both of them cried.  It was one of the sweetest moments!

Sterling and Andrew, I watched you interact with each other all day as Aly and I filmed your wedding.  The two of you struck gold when you found each other!  As long as you’re together, you’ll always find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  You are so lucky in love and whether it was planned or not, I love that you got married on St. Patrick’s Day so I can use all these puns!

We had such a great camera team that day!  Check out Meghan Stewart Photography’s blog with awesome photos from this wedding and view the highlight video by Aly Hughes Photography below:

The Creative Team:

Photography | Meghan Stewart Photography

Videography | Aly Hughes Photography

Venue | Donavan Inn

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